DAWN OF A DARK AGE set release date for new ANTIQ album

On July 10th, Antiq is proud to present to present Dawn of a Dark Age‘s highly anticipated sixth album, La Tavola Osca, on digipack CD and limited A5 deluxe-box formats.

Dawn of a Dark Age is the main project of multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Sabelli, a classical and jazz musician who gave the clarinet a leading role in black metal for the first time. Its dark timbre, together with fierce blastbeats and distorted guitars, allows him to explore new scenarios from moments of pure madness to the most atmospheric dream-born soundscapes.

Dawn of a Dark Age‘s last saga, The Six Elements (consisting of five separate CDs), has seen the collaboration of musicians from Selvans, Enisum, and Finland’s Graveborne, and collectively received excellent reviews in many print outlets and webzines dedicated to extreme music.

After three years of silence, Dawn of a Dark Age returns with a new saga characterized by the voice of Emanuele Prandoni (Ancient, Anamnesi, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Simulacro). Titled La Tavola Osca, this new album is the first volume of a saga dedicated to the Samnites people, valiant warriors who inhabited central-southern Italy, as well as crucial moments in the birth and development of the Italian people and the origins of Italy (Viteliù) itself.

Developing a powerful instrumental / folk element into raging black metal, then blossoming into wider (and wilder) atmospheres across its two-track/41-minute duration, Dawn of a Dark Age shows here its full potential. With mixing & mastering by Stefan Traunmüller (Rauhnächt), La Tavola Osca is a staggering work of challenging artistry and unfettered adventurousness. No closemindedness, and no compromise!

Antiq is a label dedicated to the fully coherent concept of making music through sound, image, video, and attitude. They have been putting their entire existence into it since 2009. Over the years, Antiq have been identified as producers of not only perfectly coherent lyrics and themes through music, but also conceptual art and, of course, the manufacturing of beautiful objects. The label tries as much as it can to work with French creators, and if possible, with the smallest and most serious structures.

First track excerpt from Dawn of a Dark Age‘s La Tavola Osca to be revealed shortly. Cover artwork, courtesy of Joanna Maeyens, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Dawn of a Dark Age’s La Tavola Osca
1. La Tavola Osca (I Atto) [23:03]
2. La Tavola Osca (II Atto) [17:23]


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