In 2014 VARUS released its debut album “Till The Sun Rises”, now they are back in the scene with the brilliant successor “A New Dawn”

Sublime quintessence!

VARUS was formed in 2012 as a further development of the party-hearted minstrels of Banjaxed. Elements of folklore and the joy of celebration were retained, but the participants decided to concentrate on their own compositions and to leave the replay of already written works behind.

The band name VARUS refers to the historical Battle of the Teutoburg Forest or the leader of the Roman legions, who took his own life on the battlefield and thus functions as a symbol of the empire pushed back by the Germanic natural tribes.

VARUS • 2020 • Pic: Wiebke Brandt

Konstantin Raab • Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Flutes
Stefan Schwarz • Guitars/Backing Vocals
Norbert Caspar • Bass
Max Betz • Drums

Formed in the forges of Upper Franconia, VARUS is committed to a lengthy and all-round profound concept:
The equally independent as well as epic and aesthetic fusion of classical music, traditional Folk and pithy Metal.

The initial raw idea developed into a characteristic, dynamic SYMPHONIC FOLK METAL style that strikes an original balance between emotional, atmospheric, epic orchestrations and thunderous, dark guitar thunderstorms.

So the four minstrels came together to unite a bundle of orchestral epic, uncompromising hardness, sophisticated structures and melodic Folk influences. Next to trembling bass foundations, brute guitar walls and archaic drums, flute, tin whistle and mandolin also find their place.

Cover art • “A New Dawn
Artwork: Belén Morante Velasco

▶ Official release: June 27, 2020 ◀

01.    The Awakening 09:09
02.    Tränk dein Herz 02:47
03.    A New Dawn 05:27
04.    Ascheregen 05:01
05.    Ein Lebewohl 09:01
06.    Wandel der Zeit 05:40
07.    The Minstrels Chant 05:25
08.    Die letzte Schenke 04:01

total: 46:31 min.

Official Lyric Video for the album title song ‘A New Dawn
YouTube link:

VARUS‘ characteristic and unique creations on “A New Dawn” are held together by sophisticated drum compositions, which also cover more progressive fields, and a hammering bass, which includes funk as well as baroque thoroughbass.

The harmonious ensemble is rounded off by wide-ranging guttural vocals and occasional clear vocals, completed by voluminous choral arrangements.

The lyrics of the songs deal with legends, sagas and timeless themes such as freedom, nature romanticism or the art of drinking. The lyrics are deliberately bilingual – in German and English.

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