Taiwanese metal band CHTHONIC released a podcast: Metalhead Politics

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After lead vocalist Freddy Lim got re-elected as a member of parliament in Taiwan earlier this year, Taiwanese metal band CHTHONIC has not stopped its pace. In April, CHTHONIC teamed up with Matt Heafy, the lead singer of Trivium, to release a new rearranged version of “Supreme Pain for the Tyrant”. In May, they released a live album of last year’s TAIWAN VICTORY concert, which was held in front of Taiwan’s presidential office building. Now in June, CHTHONIC is releasing a new podcast show!

Yesterday, on June 1, 2020, in collaboration with Ghost Island MediaCHTHONIC released its new podcast: METALHEAD POLITICS. This is the first time Freddy hosts a podcast. METALHEAD POLITICS is produced and launched by Ghost Island Media. Its co-founder, Emily Y. Wu joins forces with Freddy to talk about Taiwanese politics, metal music, Chthonic’s new songs and everything about Taiwan.

The first season of METALHEAD  POLITICS will release 6 episodes. A new episode is launched on the first day of each month. The first episode focuses on Taiwan, Covid-19, and the WHO. Taiwan’s effort in Covid-19 prevention work has been praised by the world. Although Taiwan is very close to China, it has only more than 440 confirmed cases and has had no local cases for more than 40 days.

The first half of the episode is about how democratic countries carry out epidemic prevention, how people should ensure their civil rights during this crisis, and overseeing a democratic government’s openness and transparency.
In the second half of the episode, Freddy and Emily talk about CHTHONIC’S new songs and projects. Since Freddy went into politics, the band could no longer go on world tours as before. However, the band has been releasing new music and projects.
Now CHTHONIC fans around the world can get first-hand information about CHTHONIC’S new music through the podcast. The podcast will also introduce more young Taiwanese metal bands’ music and share them with the world.

METALHEAD POLITICS is co-produced by CHTHONIC and Ghost Island Media. The first episode was released on June 1 on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts and other podcast platforms. Besides listening to the podcast, you can also find the highlight video of the first episode on CHTHONIC’S YouTube channel. Subscribe and follow here:

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