Second single Atmosfear by a Finnish acoustic black metal band NOBODY is now released!

Finnish one-man acoustic black metal band Nobody is set to release a debut album Atmosfear on June 26th 2020 via Inverse Records. The second single Atmosfear from eponymous debut album is now released.

Watch Atmosfear video:

Tuomas Kauppinen comments:
“Atmosfear is an atavistic poison that clouds our brains and makes us susceptible to conventional thinking, as well as willing to exchange our liberties for an illusion of security. It is the antonym of critical thought and imagination, and thus serves as the perfect tool in the hands of a tyrant. Lengthy exposure to its xenophobic fumes will result in madness and suicide. “

Nobody’s single release live stream gig is available tonight  on 6pm (EEST) OR 5pm (CEST)

Listen to the Atmosfear single on:​
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Watch earlier released first single Stronger Than Blood here:

Cover art by: Don Satyr


  1. Intro
  2. Stronger Than Blood
  3. Ruthless Vicar
  4. Anubis I
  5. Anubis II
  6. The Dark Marquis
  7. The Great Stink
  8. Unholy Intoxication
  9. Atmosfear
  10. Dreams And Imaginations I
  11. Dreams And Imaginations II
  12. Lover’s Lament
  13. Orgasm Of Blasphemy
  14. Uncontainable
  15. Visionary I
  16. Visionary II
  17. Outro
Line-up: Tuomas Kauppinen – Guitar, Vocals

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