TOXAEMIA signs deal with Emanzipation Productions

Emanzipation Productions proudly announces a record deal with the historical old-school Swedish death metal band TOXAEMIA. More than three decades after it’s original formation, the quintet will finally releae its debut album in the second half of this year.

The band reflects, by all means, the enthusiasm we feel with this contract: “Emanzipation Productions, come on! It doesn’t get any more Old School, we are both honored and excited about this collaboration”.

Toxaemia has been around since January 1989, one of the pioneering bands of Swedish death metal. They made some line-up changes but the core is still intact. In three years the band has managed to record two demos and two 7” Eps. Unfortunately, Toxaemia never released the second EP, since they played and released material until 1992 when, for various reasons, took a break. It just happened they practiced less and less and eventually, it just stopped. Life stepped in and all the members left Motala. It was to be 25 years before they were all back living in the same town again. Once that happened it didn’t take them long to reform!

Toxaemia reformed in 2017 and started playing some old tunes and writing new material. Initially, it was all just to have some laughs and play some music again. The band members took it all slow and started rehearsing a little bit. Slowly they started to gel again musically. Some of the musicians had not touched their instruments since 1992 when they quit playing.

In September 2018 Toxaemia got an offer to play a local Extreme Metal Festival – Bomber Fest (Winter Edition) in thir hometown Motala on the 29th of December. This was the spark needed to light the fire in their hearts. They wrote three new songs and relearned some old tunes, and started practicing like crazy.

But still, there was something missing and mid-November was when their new lead guitar player Rasmus Axelsson joined Toxaemia.

The 29th of December came and they were set to Headline a four-day festival, and after what felt like a very long day. They took the stage just before midnight and released all the band’s energy and soul into the set in front of a sold-out Bomber Bar in Motala. After this Dennis Johansson joined the band on vocals as they commited to being the best Toxaemia they could possibly can. About two weeks before Scandinavia Deathfest they found out that their friend and drummer Emil could not perform with them anymore. This was a decision not taken lightly and no shadow will fall on Emil, all the band stand behind him in that. So the five-piece managed to secure the services of Perra Karlsson on drums.

Currently, Toxaemia is open for bookings and they are in the process of recording their first album.

Stevo Bolgakov: guitar, vocals
Pontus Cervin: bass
Rasmus Axelsson: lead guitar
Dennis Johansso: vocals
Per ”Perra” Karlsson: drums


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