TOM MCKAY releases new single “Reign of Fire”

Creator and Host of “Metal Robot Reviews” TOM MCKAY has released his blood pumping new single “Reign of Fire” on all digital platforms, and has accompanied the thrashing single with a very artistic lyric video that depicts a deity above the city of Toronto set ablaze, while the robotic figure from the single’s album art watches it all unfold.

You can check out the lyric video here:

As part of his 200 subscriber special on “Metal Robot Reviews”, Tom McKay wanted to take this opportunity to not only release the full composition of the channel’s heavy theme song, but wanted to pull out all the stops along with it by accompanying the single with a lyric video that takes some creative liberties.

I had an idea for what the concept would be,” the YouTuber commented, “I knew it had to be something apocalyptic, given the subject matter in the lyrics, but I also wanted to get some effort put into it. So when designing the artwork for the video, I decided to add the extra work load by tracing over everything in Photoshop to give that cartoon effect. My hands are tired now haha.

Tom continues to note that this won’t be the last time he does something like this; “I had a lot of fun making this video, it felt rewarding getting it all put together and I can’t wait to see what might come up in the future. In the meantime, I do hope that everybody watches the video, because that 4k render took hours to do and my computer needs to sleep.”

Check out Tom McKay!

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