FUNERARIUM – New album “Spiritisme”

Spiritism on June 5, 2020

The release date may seem close with that of Umbra Angeli, but at the same time this album is radically different from what I have been able to do before.
Besides, I didn’t see the point in making you wait longer while the album was ready to be released. As I explained in my post of April 20, Spiritism is a tribute to Allan Kardec of his real name (Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail born October 3, 1804 and died March 31, 1869) codifier of Spiritism.

This album which has as its historical background the Victorian era, lasting thirty minutes, calm and melancholic, sails between Atmospheric Black Metal and Dark ambient, or even the experimental one I would leave it to you to classify in the category of your Choice.

Allan Kardec is an integral part of my life, certain members of my family follower of his Spiritist doctrine, I transmitted this passion for Parapsychology from my youngest age.

Since the beginning of Funerarium I sought to pay him a musical tribute, it is now done, even if his presence is never very far in my compositions I think in particular of First Contact.
This Opus is dedicated to all those who have lost a loved one relatives, friends, and who questions the survival of the soul after death.

I worked for many years in the funeral industry, I accompanied mourning families at the time at first and as Thanatopracteur (Embalmer) thereafter.

This experience greatly influenced my way of composing on the subject and the question of a life after death with Funerarium.

To come back to the Spiritism album, this one will be composed of six titles retracing the important moments of his life, from the discovery of Spiritism to his death.

1) Rivail Origine
2) The Spiritist Circle (Paris 1855)
3) Presence
4) Kardec The Book of Spirits (1857)
5) Spiritism
6) Praise of Funeral (Death of Allan Kardec (1869)

I’m not in the habit of writing such long posts, but I wanted to present as best as possible this project that is close to my heart, and the origin of its creation to come.
I tell you soon and thank you for having added a few grains of your hourglass to my message.


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