OSI AND THE JUPITER set release date for new EISENWALD EP

Eisenwald sets July 31st as the North American release date for a special new mini-album from Osi and the JupiterAppalachia, on 12″ vinyl and digital formats.

On Appalachia, the enigmatic duo of Sean Kratz (vocals, guitars, synths) and Kakophonix (cello) take us further into the unique landscapes that have been explored by Osi and the Jupiter since their formation in 2015. This time, they draw upon the surroundings of their homelands in eastern Ohio to weave dedications to the Appalachian region to which the title of this three-track EP is dedicated.

In honor of this more personal wellspring of inspiration, Osi and the Jupiter’s sound has evolved from the ambient soundscapes of yore into more direct expressions of yearning. Voice, ambient synth drones, acoustic guitar, and cello underpin these delicate homages to a mysterious, myth-laden region. Kratz’s heartfelt, plaintive vocals speak openly of surroundings that clearly resonate deep within. Gentle strummed melodies support these tales, whilst the ever-inventive cello melodies of Kakophonix reach onwards to distant places as yet unseen.

“They Ride Through the Sky on Horse Drawn Chariots” sets the tone with dramatic swells, leading the listener by the hand into these new realms. “Appalachia” follows, replete with yearning vocals and delicate, countrified picking. “The Binding Will of Mountains” closes this unique collection of songs with a 12-minute journey throughout the myriad soundscapes that Osi and the Jupiter have explored throughout their existence.

This new, exclusive material will be released as great-looking, vintage 12” vinyl (black or sun yellow) in solid jacket, with two posters and CD listening copy included.

First track premiere to be revealed shortly. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Osi and the Jupiter’s Appalachia
1. They Ride Through the Skies on Horse Drawn Chariots [5:11]
2. Appalachia [3:59]
3. The Binding Will of Mountains [12:23]


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