GRUPPE PLANET (feat. members of Heaven Shall Burn, Décembre Noir and Dÿse) reveal album details!

The debut album “Travel To Uncertain Grounds” by German instrumental outfit Gruppe Planet is now set to be released for August 7th, 2020 as limited Vinyl 2LP and Digital!

GRUPPE PLANET is a german band whose musicians are scattered across the country – Berlin, Hamburg & Jena. The members might already be known from acts such as Heaven Shall BurnDécembre NoirDŸSE or A DOG CALLED EGO. But all this information does not help when it comes to the music, the four-piece is offering.

First of all: there are no vocals. GRUPPE PLANET is fully instrumental. Secondly: Do not expect death or black metal or experimental rock. GRUPPE PLANET is different – in an astonishingly good way. Thirdly: be prepared for electronics, synths and ambient noises to come into play. GRUPPE PLANET is following their intuition and emotions. Nothing more. Nothing less.

“Travel To Uncertain Grounds” marks the fine-layered debut of this German band. What is in the focus: searching for unflustered sounds, expanding creativity and challenging electronic textures & instrumental music. There is an uncanny narcotic power and elemental beauty to that record. Or to cite the title of GRUPPE PLANET’s debut again: “Travel To Uncertain Grounds“.


01. Travel To Uncertain Grounds
02. Saros
03. At Night On A Roof
04. Fuse
05. Unfold
06. Bullhead
07. Yield
08. Mirai

First single and preorder start June 19th! Watch out!

“Travel To Uncertain Grounds” – out August 7th as limited Vinyl 2LP and Digital

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