REZET present the new video “Thunder Raiders” taken from the current album “Deal With It”

Rezet guitarist and singer  Ricky Wagner about “Thunder Raiders

“When you release a video, you usually let the pictures and the music speak for themselves. That usually is statement enough.

Whilst we wanted to drop one more video off of our latest album “Deal With It!”, basically ever since we song wrote the track sometime in 2018, we had no idea how much 2020 would undermine the whole objective behind “Thunder Raiders”.

That very rather untypical REZET song ever since is our cry for justice and we wanted to shout it out loud for a long time already. The most recent (global) movements to articulate injustice and rise up against unequal legislative and executive treatment screamed to have the video out at long last. Yet – it’s not about utilizing the murderer of George Floyd for promotional reasons. By far not. It goes way beyond. The tragic kind of oppressors’ violence isn’t meant to glorify a music video. What it is? It is no science-fiction, it is no fairy tale, it’s reality, and this reality is no lie. “Thunder Raiders” is our cry for justice for every human being on this planet. We don’t differ in heritage, religious believes, colour of skin or whatsoever. We are all one.

Most lyrics of the album “Deal With It!” are on (contemporary) global topics and we are often asked if REZET is a political band. We tend to deny that question, because politics never was our primary drive to perform music. But writing lyrics, it’s a reflection of the writer’s world. It’s about topics that make us think about birth, life, death – and the journey in between. We encourage everyone to be awake in times where truth is hard to be noticed and to stand up for human rights, not only your own or your loved ones’, but everyone’s. Stand up and intervene when injustice is being done. Violence causes violence, either ways. We appeal to words, wisdom and love. Justice must find its way, period!

Stand up – when injustice makes its way to danger our nature of being free and equal. Take advantage of your nature given power to question things, to learn and to love. RISE!”

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