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Exciting news from Godz Ov War Productions that many have most impatiently been waiting for – Eternal Rot are back to crush every wall and leave no stone unturned!

Set up in the UK in 2012 by Mayer (vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming) and Grindak (vocals), and recently joined by live drummer, Psychoradek (The Dead Goats, Neuropathia, Meat Spreader), the disgusting duo debuted with a two-piece Promo Tape 2013 containing what was to become their trademark – doomy and sludgy, ghastly and mournful, slow as hell metal of death based on the best traditions of the genre but already signaling the guys’ own and original attitude to the style they’d decided to pursue.

In 2018, the former two officially debuted under the wings of Godz Ov War Productions with the four-piece, highly acclaimed ‘Cadaverine’ album, and now they return as a threesome with the long awaited ‘Putridarium’ – an utterly filthy and cadaverous death doom metal colossus that will be coming to the murky morgues near you as of July 6, 2020 on CD/LP/MC/digital. Delivered in the most elementary manner, devoid of absolutely any ornaments, still rotten, putrid, hideous and abysmal, definitely and totally defleshed and dehumanized, monstrous as always but even more massive than ever before, ‘Putridarium’ is an opus of inhuman, sinister, putrescent and fetid as a zombie death doom metal from the filthiest and the most malodorous of crypts, immersed in a mouldy and decaying ambience you could only find in the oldest and most abandoned cemeteries, a truly putrefied death doom metal very few could ever conceive these days… From the opening, hideous notes to the closing, mind-blowing and body-mutilating sounds, from the guttural howls and growls, from the bone-crushing riffs through the murderous and pounding rhythm section, the album will simply bulldoze everything on its way!

The eternally rotting, undead trio are quite straightforward about their latest release: ‘This offering is emanated from the hearts of the maniacs straight to the ears of likeminded ones who look at the world through Death Metal eyes. ‘Putridarium’ wasn’t created for any larger audiences but for those few tortured souls who crave for deathlike atmosphere, heaviness and the aura of horror. Eternal Rot is a strange entity, trying to evoke this unique feel which crept up the spines while listening to (our) favourite albums many years ago, (it is) a love letter to the Black Sabbath’s deadliest bastard child called Death Metal.’

Featuring the following tracklist:
1. Downward Among the Departed
2. Serenity Through Maniacal Flagellation with Decomposing Limbs
3. Endless Stream of Coffins
4. Descent Into Torment

Putridarium’ was excavated between 2018 and 2019 below the tomb of Eternal Rot. Drums were recorded and guitars were reamped at Dobra 12 Studio, Białystok, while mixing and mastering duties were handled by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio. All the intros were provided by Zenial, and additional screams by Melissa. Other than that, the artwork was executed by the one and only Mark Riddick, the album title logo was designed and executed by Paweł Martowicz (Nuclear Tattoo Sanok), and the new band logo was designed and executed by Psychoradek.

Rot eternally while listening to the first track off the album, ‘Descent Into Torment’, available at

Eternal Rot are:
Mayer – guitars, bass, vocals
Grindak – vocals
Radek – drums

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Godz Ov War Productions is more than proud and honoured to announce yet another true gem on the label’s roster – the Krakow, Lesser Poland headquartered Rites of Daath and their highly anticipated full length titled ‘Doom Spirit Emanation’.

Formed in 2017 on the remnants of a more traditional death metal cadaver called Cemetery Whore (with two demo tapes and a four-way split already in the CV but – surprisingly enough – no line-up changes along the way), the four decided to adopt the current moniker to better reflect the musical direction they had taken, and the very same year they debuted with a very promising ‘Hexing Graves’ EP put out by Godz Ov War Productions.

With ‘Doom Spirit Emanation’, the band has made much more than a huge leap forward, creating a six-piece, forty-minute-long heavyweight monster of an album and delivering an unparalleled piece of suffocating and overwhelming, obscure, dissonant and disharmonic, bone-crushing and mind-twisting, tumultuous Metal of Daath. From almost trance-like passages, through groovy, marching, ritualistic fragments, to blasting and ear-blowing onslaught, all immersed in thick and dense, tangibly grim and claustrophobic atmosphere, the album emanates sheer evil you can actually sense…

The four say: ‘The core of ‘Doom Spirit Emanation’, just like of our previous release, is obscure death metal. Still, the compositions are much more diversified and well thought over as compared to ‘Hexing Graves’. The creative process itself was quite a challenge to us, too, as we’d changed our attitude to writing music. First off, we wanted to focus on the sound – powerful, surrounding and overwhelming, and treat the album as an entity, not a collection of unrelated individual tracks.’

Yes, Rites of Daath – synonymous with an unstoppable sonic monstrosity – definitely plays in a league of their own now, delivering an audial monstrosity from the deepest caverns of highly unique death doom metal definitely hard to surpass, not only in the domestic scene! Put to life at Roslyn Studio, with mixing and mastering duties handled by VK (Temple Nightside, Vassafor, Sinistrous Diabolus) , the cover art and the layout provided by the mighty WS Artworks, this masterpiece will be released on July 6, 2020 on CD, LP, MC and in Digital format (with excellent t-shirts to follow), and it will be made up of the following murderous limbs:

1. Doom Spirit Emanation
2. The Accursing Tongues
3. Shrines of Seclusion
4. Primeval Depths of Chaos
5. The Chasm
6. Mercurian Blood

To have a preview of what those four death metal shamans have to offer now, click the link below, drown in their unique output, go to the label’s site and order your copy now!
Listen to ‘Shrines of Seclusion’:

MS – Guitars
KP – Guitars
TP – Bass / Vocals
DC – Drums

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Further breaking news from Godz Ov War Productions – this time around, the label proudly announces that the Silesian technical death metal outfit Uerberos returns with their sophomore album called ‘Stand Over Your Grave’ to expand the label’s catalogue with yet another unobvious release that may set the scene on fire and leave the maniacs in awe!

Formed back in 2015 in Żory, Poland, and acting in the very same, five-piece line-up ever since, the band debuted in 2017 with an independently put out ‘Tormented by Faith’ album – a remarkable though seemingly slightly unnoticed and underrated release. Still, as much as you could compare it to some icons and masterpieces of the genre, this time these five maniacs do not return to eat their own or anybody else’s tail. Quite the contrary, Uerberos relies on their own creativity and originality and delivers top notch, most mature technical metal of death to date.

As the band themselves put it: ‘When we were composing our previous album, ‘Tormented by Faith’, we thought we were brutal. We felt it was the pinnacle of what we wanted to do and create. With time, though, we started to accomplish more and more. We didn’t need much time to realise the first release was but an onset of the hell we were able to unleash. So, taking advantage of the opportunity, we’d like to invite everybody who felt the same as well as those about to play Uerberos for the first time to take part in an uncompromising spectacle called ‘Stand Over Your Grave’.

Featuring nine tracks of impressive, malevolent and raging riffing and drumming, impeccable musicianship, flawless performance and technical finesse but no show-off masturbation or a single unnecessary note, offering a treat of excellent, anti-Christian technical death metal full of twists and turns, changing tempos, heavily solid rhythm foundations, captivating guitar parts and diversified vocals, all meant to be carefully and repeatedly listened to in order to discover all its death metal virtuosity and perfection in the following order:
1. Levitation
2. Ruthless Execution
3. Beautiful Crimson of Your Blood
4. Human Carcass
5. Putrescine
6. Flaming Darkness
7. Stand Over Your Grave
8. To Make You Suffer!
9. Emperor

Planned to be put out on the market on July 6, 2020 on CD and in digital format, with accompanying apparel to be available as well, the album was recorded at Rob-Sonic Records, excellently mixed and mastered by Robert Wrożyna (thus sounding massive, dense and intense yet organic and natural), and wrapped up in fascinating though a bit disturbing artwork by Jesus Lhysta (Rotted Artist).

‘Stand Over Your Grave’ will definitely make a technical death metal album worth your while, an intriguing and captivating must for all die hard fans of the genre! Before you have a chance to get to know the entire release, you can click the link below and make sure it truly deserves a place on your shelf:

Uerberos are:
Bartłomiej Kaniewski – Vocals
Bartosz Kaczorowski – Guitars
Piotr Chodorowski – Guitars
Dariusz Kaczorowski – Bass
Kamil Ścibik – Drums

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