PRECAMBRIAN set release date for PRIMITIVE REACTION debut, reveal first track – features members of DRUDKH, HATE FOREST, BLOOD OF KINGU+++

Primitive Reaction sets August 21st as the international release date for Precambrian‘s highly anticipated debut album, Tectonics, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Precambrian hail from Ukraine, and include in their ranks a wealth of underground experience. Formed as a power-trio and remaining a power-trio, Precambrian‘s lineup all currently play in Drudkh, have all played in the much-missed Blood of Kingu, and vocalist/guitarist Roman Saenko was a founding member of the influential Hate Forest. It’s that last-named band which bears the most semblance to Precambrian, and indeed is that the guiding directive here: to carry forth the legacy of Hate Forest with nearly all of the current Drudkh lineup.

With that schematic firmly in place, the Proarkhe EP was birthed in 2014 and followed by Aeon EP two years later; just last year, both EPs were combined together on the Glaciology EP with three unreleased tracks. However, the full glory of Precambrian is at least revealed with the band’s long-awaited debut album, Tectonics. Immediately, the ominous surge of classic Hate Forest is felt, mesmerizing and hypnotic and utterly engrossing, all while being barbarically unleashed through savage, searing speed. It’s a peculiar disconnect – throttling violence vs. trance-inducing levitation, one birthing the other (or perhaps the other way around) – but it coalesces with power and poignancy around the grandly guttural throat of Saenko. But, to simply liken Precambrian to Hate Forest Mk II is to severely undercut the strident ‘n’ stringent artistry of Tectonics, where its undeniably martial aspect betrays a wealth of textural imagination; the finest of details and most subtle of nuance are explored and expanded upon with paradoxical uncompromising fervor. Thus, in that latter element, perhaps it is accurate to sire Precambrian as the rightful successor to Hate Forest’s cherished legacy…

Any way one wishes to absorb the vast, violent world of Tectonics, the sum result is the same: Precambrian perform austere-yet-grandiose black metal art exclusively!

Begin absorbing that vast, violent world with the brand-new track “Cryogenian” HERE at Primitive Reaction‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Precambrian’s Tectonics
1. Archaebacteria [7:19]
2. Fossilization [4:37]
3. Cryogenian [6:13]
4. Volcanic Winter [5:39]
5. P-Tr. Extinction [6:13]

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