THREESTEPSTOTHEOCEAN “Fiori Immortali” out now and new album “Del Fuoco” coming soon!

ANTIGONY RECORDS is proud to announce that THREESTEPSTOTHEOCEAN’s brand new single “Fiori Immortali” has finally been released.

The song is taken from the Italian Post-Rock/Post-Metal band’s upcoming album “Del Fuoco” due to be released on Antigony Records in September 2020.

This is what the band had to say: “’Fiori Immortali’ is an evolved blending of the solid Post-Metal tunes built in the previous records. Sound flows into a new tribal and ritual soundscape that gives a nod to colors and feelings far away. The song takes its name from the mediterranean flower Helichrysum, also called ‘Immortal Flower’ in italian. It is also where ‘Del Fuoco’ started as an album”.

THREESTEPSTOTHEOCEAN is an instrumental band born in Milan in 2006. Since then the group has released four albums, collaborating over time with several Italian and international labels and following a mainly DIY mode.Over the years they have played more than 150 concerts across Italy, Europe and Japan, drawing a lot of fans. THREESTEPSTOTHEOCEAN gathers elements of Metal, Post-Rock, psychedelia, taking inspiration from a wide, complex kaleidoscope of sounds and feelings.


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