FALL FROM EVEREST – Stage and genre breakers are back with their debut album announced by the melancholic single called “k.”!

Quartet of maniacs from Prague FALL FROM EVEREST are announcing their debut full-length album St.Nightmare’s Day describing a life full of abusement, drugs, mental issues and vicious cycle of passing this damage down to future generations. The first single “k.” comes out as a music video on 25th of June and will be available on streaming platforms the day after.

The beginning of this year was, as for most of bands, quiet sad. All the plans were cancelled by coronavirus. Here we are talking about the sold-out show in Club Varšava in Prague, where the band wanted to uncover release date of the new album so as the artwork. However this was later announced via their social medias and through secret live-stream for all those who bought tickets to the previous sold-out show. 

“After more than two years of composing, recording and writing we are finally able to come out with this. Our debut album will be released on 13th September 2020. And because of that we’ll celebrate September 13th as the St.Nightmare’s Day! The day when we’ll remember the overcome of our worst nightmares!” The first uncovered piece of this mosaic is the single “k.”. 

The music video for this song is also a directing debut of young and talented Eliška Sedláčková, who mapped the steps of FALL FROM EVEREST’s past tour with DOWN FOR WHATEVER, so as the work on the new album. The video captures the most important moments from those shows to the final day of the recording. The video post-production and additional graphic work was made by almighty graphic wizard Jsem Venca.

“We tried our best and now we’re goin’ home.

We’ve said it all, we’ve built a wall.

We left ourselves so I could be alone.

I’ve said it; I’m okay, I’m alright…” 

Long awaited album St.Nightmare’s Day, which will be available from September 13th not only for fans of post-hardcore, emo and metalcore music, was recorded and produced by Pavel Chyška in Dark Deer Audio. This seizuring and melancholic record is tangled through lyrical and musical references to each other. So musical enthusiasts will have a lot of things to look for.

In the deepest darkness and hardships the light shines it’s brightest and that’s what the single “k.” wants to bring with its spark of hope.


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