DIVIDED premiere new song [futurenation], new album “Behind Your Neon Eyes” to be released early July!

Melodic modern rock, AOR, synthwave and the earworm pop melodies of the neon-age of the ‘80s entwined with massive rock music – the new album of DIVIDED is a clash of the past and futuristic themes that evoke nostalgia and sounds undeniably modern at the same time. “Behind Your Neon Eyes” is undeniably destined to become a new favourite among the ever-growing fanbase of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA and BEAST IN BLACK, and certainly holds tunes to remember even for the most devoted lovers of DEF LEPPARDBON JOVI and DOKKEN.

The album features several guests, including Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork, The Night Flight Orchestra) and Flo V. Schwarz (Pyogenesis). It was recorded and mixed by guitarist Dániel Szabó (psyKlone) and the stunningly retro-futuristic cover art was designed by Hidrico Rubens. A brand new lyric video is available for [futurenation] on YouTube and several streaming platforms.

The band members are also available for interviews, and feel free to ask for the full album if you’d like to publish a review on your website.

divideD – [futurenation] (Official Lyric Video)

divideD – [futurenation] online streaming:
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Comments of psyKlone (guitars, programming) about the new song:
This song is a true arena-anthem, the perfect one to open a show with. We’ve even worked with a smaller crowd when we recorded the gang vocals and during the production work we’ve tried to get as close to the trademark Mutt Lange sound as possible. Our friend Tommy Geller – with whom we are also working in the Rockstars Not Dead project performing classic hair metal hits from the ‘80s – provided lots of help working on the backing vocals and collaborated in writing the vocal melodies for the chorus part. This is how this monster of a song was born – a crossover of the arena rock of the ‘80s and the modern hard rock vibe.

Every band needs definitive songs that immediately make you recognize the band. When our debut album, Modulus was released we thought it would be Ends Of Earth, but with this song we feel like we’re even closer to say [futurenation] is “THE” Divided song that we’ll be identified by the song. “Futurenation” is what we call our audience, this is a hymn dedicated to everyone who have been supporting us from day one.

Behind Your Neon Eyes” is the band’s second studio album, following the debut from 2017, “Modulus”. It’s going to be released as the bonus CD of the July/August double edition of HammerWorld Magazine (Hungary) and will also be available as a Digipak CD edition, with a different cover art, 10 pages of leporello booklet limited to 500 copies. The package also includes shirts, posters and pins. 

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DIVIDED have been around in the Hungarian metal scene since 2015. Their style, arenacore is characterized by big, catchy choruses tracking back to the ‘80s arena rock outfits infused with synthwave and pop hooks,modern electronica and industrial styles.

Their debut album, “Modulus” came out in November 2017 with 12 original songs. The songs on the record relied heavily on projecting strong vibes and different moods of a bleak, dystopian future. The second album will be released in July 2020, but instead of the blue glow of a dystopian future, “Behind Your Neon Eyes” will shine in the gleaming neone colors of the late ‘80s. If their first record jumped to the bleak world of Aliens, this one will phase you to the 2015 seen in Back To The Future II with its much more arena rock oriented songs and the warm, analog synth sounds of the retrowave movement. 

Their live shows are built on strong visuals, stage looks are tailored to sci-fi scenery, the dynamic performance and the synced VJ scenes in the background make the crowd go crazy partying.

Divided: Behind Your Neon Eyes
2020.07.03. // NAIL Records (HMR Music Kft.) // NAILCD317
01. Descent
02. Roll Out
03. Don’t Turn Away
04. [futurenation]
05. Meteorite (feat. Björn “Speed” Strid – Soilwork / The Night Flight Orchestra)
06. Follow You
07. Space Samurai
08. The Last Starfighter
09. Teknoskeptic
10. Beam Me Up
11. Until The Stars Turn Cold (feat. Flo V. Schwarz – Pyogenesis)

Divided are:
Brother Belmont – lead vocals
psyKlone – guitars, programming
Void – guitars
Sol – bass
Stalkher Jr. – drums

Divided online:

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BJÖRN “SPEED” STRID joins DIVIDED on their brand new song and music video: Meteorite; Behind Your Neon Eyes album is out now!


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