ORFVS stream long-awaited SPREAD EVIL mini-album at

Finnish black metal mystics Orfvs stream their long-awaited new mini-album, Ceremony of Darkness, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on June 26th via Spread Evil Productions, hear Orfvs‘ Ceremony of Darkness in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Lingering in the shadows for the past decade, Finland’s Orfvs formed in 2010 and released a debut demo that year. At the end of 2011 came a 7″ EP, The Greatest Sacrifice, for the late/great Hammer of Hate Records. Then silence…

At long last, Orfvs emerge from the shadows with a four-song mini-album fittingly titled Ceremony of Darkness. This is black metal witchcraft at it finest: slow to mid-paced conjurings from the dungeon in the old Gehenna (Norway) style, suffused with medieval synths. It’s a sound too long forgotten, but Orfvs know its spells with authenticity, sincerity, and reverence. Ceremony of Darkness fully reeks of that genuinely mystical evil of Satanic darkness and esoteric occultism!

In the leadup to its long-awaited release this Friday, feel the full spell of Ceremony of Darkness exclusively HERE, courtesy of Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Orfvs’ Ceremony of Darkness

  1. Son of Morning Sky
  2. Cruor MCMXCVIII
  3. The Void Around Anima Mundi
  4. My Heart of Perdition

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