Decibel Magazine premieres track of the UK death metal band LIVE BURIAL

Live Burial‘s album has received a terrific response so far with loads of reviews calling it one of the best death metal albums of the year. We even announced new merch and LPs for the release since then whose mockups we’ve included here. Decibel Magazine premiered a smashing song that can be found AT THIS LINK. Excerpt –

“Live Burial, a death metal quintet hailing from England, reek of old-school brutality on Unending Futility, their first album in four years. Meeting somewhere in the middle of classic, thrashy death metal and crawling death/doom, Live Burial avoid the trap of sounding like a throwback band while embodying the best of the genre.”

– “death metal fans will enjoy every moment of the album” – Angry Metal Guy (US) 3.5/5

– “an early contender for death metal album of the year” – The Metal Observer (Canada)

– “the first great old school release of the year” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “undoubtedly in my top 10 of this year 2020” – Necromance Magazine (Spain) 10/10

– “one album that I could recommend to almost any death metalhead out there” – Metal Trenches (US) 9.7/10

– “one of the great OSDM albums of the year” – Queens of Steel (Spain) 9/10

– “among the best old school death metal releases of the year” – The Revival Music (UK)

– “album of the year potential” – Wake the Dead Media (UK) 9/10

– “an album of the year contender for me” – Metal Forge Reviews (US)

– “A landmark for both Live Burial and the current UK death metal scene” – Rush on Rock (UK)

– “straight-up, bullshit-free death metal” – The Quietus (US)

– “advancing their old-school death agenda to rabid fans” – Exclaim (Canada) 9/10

– “a brain-melting package” – Invisible Oranges (US)

– “totally fascinating” – Soil Chronicles (France) 9/10

– “one of the more impressive death metal albums by a UK act” – Distorted Sound Magazine (UK) 9/10

– “a real explanation of the limitless bounds of Death Metal” – Ave Noctum (UK) 9/10

– “fantastic material from start to end” – Nattskog (UK) 9/10

– “should be on the watchlist of all lovers of the damned and obscure” – Toilet Ov Hell (US) 4/5

– “deliver a crunching, satisfying Death Metal album” – Metal Crypt (Canada) 4/5

– “One of the better death metal albums I’ve heard all year” – Rock Will Eat Itself Blogspot (Scotland)

– “hefty slab of nastiness” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy (US)

– “Recommended” – Dargedik Magazine (Peru) 9/10

– “a promising group” – Music In Belgium (Belgium) 4/5

– “a really addictive record” – French Metal (France) 17/20

– “It fucking rocks” – Wicked Metal Review (UK) 8.5/10

– “blows a breath of freshness on death metal” – Shoot Me Again (France)

– “colossal” – The Razor’s Edge (UK)

– “an album that isn’t afraid to turn on the intricacy factor” – Sonic Perspectives (UK) 8.5/10

– “impressive in its own right” – Metal Talk (UK)

– “managed to transfer the spirit of the nineties to their music perfectly” – Deadly Storm (Czech Republic)

– “Very highly recommended” – Wonderbox Metal (UK)

– “a varied album with many interesting sprinkles” – Zephyr’s Odem (Germany) 8.5/10

– “sepulchral and insane” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “brilliant” – Heavy Music HQ (US)

– “High recommendation” – Grizzly Butts (US) 4/5

– “I do not see why LIVE BURIAL cannot dazzle you” – Subterraneo (Spain)

– “fucking superb” – The Killchain (UK)

– “a masterclass” – The Sound Not The Word (US)

– “essential listening” – Musipedia of Metal (UK) 8/10

– “forge a powerful sound” – Wings of Death (Netherlands)

– “well composed, well played and well produced” – Metal (Italy)

– “surprisingly visceral” – Dead Rhetoric (US)

– “a must” – Hard Rock Info (Sweden)

– “FUCKING MASSIVE” – Foulfeast Blogspot (US)

– “brilliant” – Stormbringer (Austria) 3.5/5

– “highly recommended” – Devilution (Denmark)

– “an essential listen” – Skullfracturing Metal (Canada)

– “right mix of ingenuity and barbarism” – Metal Italia (Italy)

– “more power and excitement” – Imperiumi (Finland)

– “an excellent death metal band” – Heavy Metal Maniac (Italy)

– “great job” – Metal Utopia (US)

– “genuine and passionate” – All Round Metal (Italy)

– “a skilful homage to the phase that shaped global death metal” – Musik Reviews (Germany)

Live Burial (UK) – Unending Futility (April 3rd, 2020)

Genre – Death Metal
Release Date – April 3rd, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of – early Asphyx, Morgoth, Death, Cancer, Gruesome, Skeletal Remains, Bolt Thrower, Unleashed

Death metal band from the UK, Live Burial, emerge with an astounding album that melds the best elements of classic death metal from all over. There’s this undeniable rugged and scathing quality that is contrasted with the dark, brooding and often twisted structures. Painful vocals soar over rumbling, heaving parts that hearken back to the days of early DeathMorgothAsphyx and even Fleshcrawl. There are emotive strains shimmering in a desolate, forsaken landscape. Live Burial make it all work and it comes through effortlessly. They are forging a powerful sound that will echo through the ancient corridors of this style. ‘Unending Futility’ is an accomplished album that will hold appeal to any fan of well-written death metal and must not be missed

Band lineup –
Jamie Brown – Vocals
Rob Hindmarsh – Guitars
Richard Codling – Guitars
Lee Anderson – Bass
Matthew Henderson – Drums

Guest vocals on Cemetery Fog by Kari Kankanpaa (Sepulchral CurseSolothus)
Acoustic guitar on Winds of Solace by Dan Rochester (VacivusCruciamentum)

Artwork by Luke Oram (Slugdge)
Layout by Francesco Gemelli (Towards Atlantis Lights)

Track listing –
1. Seeping into the Earth 
2. Condemned to the Boats 
3. Swing of the Pendulum 
4. The Crypt of Slumbering Madness 
5. Rotting on the Rope 
6. Winds of Solace 
7. Cemetery Fog 

Official Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

Live Burial Facebook

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