ONEIRIC CELEPHAÏS discuss new single ‘From Beyond’ in a ‘behind the music’ video at Breathing The Core

The Italian masters of technical, melodic death metal have recorded  a ‘behind the music’ video in which they discuss the creation of the track ‘From Beyond‘. ‘From Beyond’, taken from the band’s debut EP, The Obscure Sibyl which will be released by Gore House Productions on August 7th, was recently premiered at Decibel Magazine.
Now you can see the new discussion video at Breathing The Core as part of their regular ‘Track By Track’ feature.
Watch the video here:

You can also see the Artwork for The Obscure Sibyl at Breathing The Core

And finally Breathing The Core are streaming Oneiric Celephaïs’ From Beyond demo – released under the name Celephais in 2017, so take a listen for just a hint of the magnificence to come on August 7th:

Speaking about The Obscure Sibyl the band have said:
“The EP has been recorded at Void Studios under the supervision of Leonardo Bellavista(guitarist of Vexovoidwho also helped the band with their 2017 demo), and it has been produced and mixed by Marco Mastrobuono (Hour Of PenanceFleshgod Apocalypse etc), Francesco Ferrini (Fleshgod ApocalypseKreator etc) and Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod ApocalypseCoffin Birth). The EP plunges its roots into the nethermost recesses of human emotion and the listener will be guided by the Sibyl in a journey through visions and illusions to the uttermost fall of men.”

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