MORIBUND Cult News – Signing announcements + Dodsferd, I Shalt Become + MORE !!

NEW Moribund Cult Signings:


>     The Moribund Cult proudly announces a pact with LAW OF CONTAGION!! Follow the link for more information on this cult & contagious Luciferian BLACK / DEATH METAL act from Portugal!! Read more…

>     The Moribund Cult is honored to welcome Lord Matzigkeitus as their newest signing!! Click below to uncover more about this Black Metal Poet’s conquest to redefine the dark arts!! Read More…

>      Moribund Records is proud to announce the signing of CARNAL SAVAGERY!! Follow the link below for more about the forthcoming Swedish Death Metal barrage!! Read more…

MORE News from the Moribund Cult:

I SHALT BECOME announces new composition in progress:

>     I SHALT BECOME returns to the Moribund Cult with a new album in the works! This return to the cult marks the 4th album on Moribund Records by I SHALT BECOME as well as the bands’ 7th full-length recording. Prepare for the haunting, ghostly glory that this Atmospheric USBM progenitor exudes! In the meantime, explore the dismal, Black Metal soundscapes of I SHALT BECOME !!!

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DODSFERD announces new album in the works:

>    Greek Black’n’Roll legend DODSFERD returns to the Moribund Cult with a double disc offering, “…and ashes will be the reminder of your existence”!! This album is still in the works and to consist of rare and unreleased material, as well as two Brand NEW tracks! Official release details to come soon!

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SATAN’S HOST is back in the studio !!

>     The Moribund Cult recently received word that SATAN’S HOST are in the process of recording a NEW album !! SATAN’S HOST are unrelenting, standing as one of the longest running US Heavy Metal acts! With over 3 decades in Service to the Greater Glory of Satan, Moribund Cultists can rest assured that SATAN’S HOST will bring forth another legendary album !! Further details to be announced at a later date.

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DODSFERD, XASTHUR, SATAN’S HOST, SARGEIST + AZAGHAL CD Box Sets to be released through PHD / Dissonant Records !!

>     Moribund Records recently approved the release of several upcoming box-sets through Plastic Head / Dissonant Records! Here’s what to expect from this transatlantic alliance:
– AZAGHAL “Black Terror Metal Vol. 1” 4-CD Box Set Lim. Ed. 300
– DODSFERD “Loyal to the Cult Vol. I” 5-CD Box Set Lim. Ed. 300
– DODSFERD “Loyal to the Cult Vol. II” 4-CD Box Set Lim. Ed. 300
– SARGEIST “The Burning Voice of Adoration” 5-CD Box Set Lim. Ed. 300
– SATAN’S HOST “Burning Their Purity – The Elixir Era” 5-CD Box Set Lim. Ed. 300
– SATAN’S HOST “The Devils Hands Pre-date god – The Leviathan Era” 5-CD Box Set Lim. Ed. 300
– XASTHUR “The Moribund CULT Years” 3-CD Box Set Lim. Ed. 300

Moribund & UNHUMAN DISEASE announce additional Classic re-issues for summer-winter 2020:

>   Continuing their legacy under the Moribund Cult banner, USBM royalty UNHUMAN DISEASE returns! Over the past several decades UNHUMAN DISEASE has created a satisfying blend of raw viciousness and melody- it is a devilish attack of total Satanic black devotion! This summer, “Dalla Benedizione Del Diavolo” will be the 1st in a series of re-issues to be unleashed through 2021; the following will also be officially re-issued through Moribund Records:
– UNHUMAN DISEASE “Into Satan’s Kingdom” CD / CS / Digital
– UNHUMAN DISEASE “Black Creations Of Satan” CD / CS / Digital
– UNHUMAN DISEASE “Perpetuus Agonia” CD / CS / Digital

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NEW License pacts with the Moribund Cult:

>   Obskure Chaos / Brazil:
– DODSFERD “Fucking Your Creation” CD w/ Slipcase Lim. Ed. 300
– XASTHUR “To Violate The Oblivious” Digi CD Lim. Ed. 300
– THY INFERNAL “Satan’s Wrath” CD w/ Slipcase Lim. Ed. 300

>   Funeral Industries / Germany:
– WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS “Sing Thou Unholy Servants” LP

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