Bloodshot Dawn Frontman Goes Solo With FORLORN WORLD

Forlorn World was formed in July 2019 by frontman and founding member of Bloodshot Dawn, Josh McMorran, with the intention of weaving an epic narrative plot together. With music using soaring guitar melody whilst mixing clean and harsh vocals Josh set out to create something fresh and unique within his spectrum of creativity. This new-found escape gave Josh the ultimate platform to explore new realms within his musical repertoire, daring to traverse paths previously untouched, which a main musical outlet such as Bloodshot Dawn would naturally avoid due to a certain weight of expectation.

Listen to first single ‘The Shadowmancer’ Here!
Also streaming on all major platforms right now!

Drawing influences from melodic death metal bands new and old, the likes of Scar Symmetry, Soilwork and many more, Josh added his own signature brutality to the mix in the form of devastating guitar riffs and intense roars. Forlorn World also features Bladerunner – like keyboard and synth, working as well with melodious vocals to create a uniquely diverse beast.

The collaborative nature of Josh’s previous work continues as many guests are involved in bringing the musical stories he creates to life. Each guest was selected for their personal talents to portray a character or moment in their own unique way, keeping a fresh approach to every element within the concept of Forlorn World.

Forlorn World is a narrative backdrop, the story of a man forced to take a dark path, finding revenge and redemption. The epilogue of a great saga in a fictional universe, based on the world we live in and trials we all face together.

The album entitled, Umbra (meaning ‘shadow’ in Latin) is a solo project comprised of 7 new melodic death metal songs written, recorded and mixed by the man himself, Josh McMorran with mastering and additional mixing coming from acclaimed record producer Jacob Hansen of Hansen Studios (Aborted, Extol, Amaranthe).

The album includes guest solos and vocals from Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse), Morgan Reid, Yo Oniytan and many more, with bass duties covered by Giacomo Gastaldi (Bloodshot Dawn, Darkend).

In the face of the increasing costs of album production and high standards expected, Josh set out to create something in a DIY fashion to make the project viable, doing so without cutting any corners when it comes to quality. Working tirelessly between July 2019 – June 2020 the album was created meticulously, being finalised in June at the world famous Hansen Studios.

Josh comments, “Forlorn World is a way for me to create new music without the confines of money and the high expectation that comes with being in my main band. Taking on the production duties has also helped me grow as a musician and implement my ideas and vision in a way I’m extremely happy with.”

The artwork was created by Applewhite Art and is a scene from the concept depicting an epic battle between the main protagonist of the story, ‘The Shadowmancer’ and an army of 1000 strong. The lyrical concepts within the album touch on modern politics and social observations ambiguously woven into an adventure following a wizard that seeks revenge in a universe of portals, trolls and medieval civilisation. The album follows The Shadowmancer’s journey to revenge and redemption, after suffering a harrowing trauma he will learn and grow, gaining the power to appease his will.

Josh adds, “The story is about a man who stands up for his beliefs, shot down in the face of impending fear. This is somber tale of redemption and inner struggles which hold the character back and his journey to overcome it all.”

The album will be released worldwide October 30th on all major platforms in physical and digital format with a special pre-release digital stream on October 15th exclusively on Bandcamp:

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