VANISHING POINT release second video/single “Salvus”

You like dark atmosphere and melodies brought to musical perfection? Then “Salvus” will sweep you off your feet – this song is everything at the same time: touching ballad, monumental soundtrack, rocking and catchy AOR track. Celebrate with us the release of VANISHING POINT’s second aspiring musical creation and it’s new highly elaborate lyric video!
Frontman Silvio Massaro says of “Salvus“: “You know there are times and moments in ones life, which are completely put into perspective. There could be many things that happen in your life that you wish you could relive or wish you had done all again. Truth is no matter how hard you try to reach out and take back the time that escapes you like smoke in the air from every birthday candle you blow out. Salvus is a reminder to simply STOP and try not to think about the mundane routines and step outside yourself and look at the ones around you that truly mean more to you than life itself. Because after all ‘We don’t have to change the world’ but we can cherish every single moment and memory of those you love past and present.”

It’s been four weeks now since Australia’s most iconic melodic metal band surprised the metal community worldwide with their first video/single: “Dead Elysium”, at the same time name of the song as well as the upcoming album to be released on August 28th 2020, grabbed the attention of ten-thousands of music fans on YouTube and on Apple Music, Spotify & Co so far.
The band faced a lot of obstacles over the years between “Dead Elysium” and its predecessor “Distant Is The Sun” (2014). This album also kind of represents the journey the five-piece had as a band and as individuals over the last few years. But thankfully all these difficulties from the past apparently had no influence on the quality of the new album, as you easily can examine by checking out their latest two singles.
“Musically I honestly just went with the flow and naturally the songs just came out how they did, there was no massive thought process as to how the songs should sound”, states guitarist Chris Porcianko. He carries on: “When writing the “Dead Elysium” album there was a general theme running through it musically and lyrically that we really wanted to touch upon regarding the state of world affairs in general and the situation we are in. The general theme lyrically when writing this album overall was more or less in regards to how we can see positive change? How can we make things better in terms of looking after each other? It definitely was not a case of “let’s make the heaviest sounding album we can, because it’s gotta be heavier” and all that bullshit – it was a case of let the music speak for itself and in a sense we hope that our music helps people to connect or reconnect.”

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