NORTHERN CROWN Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Fund CD Release of ‘In A Pallid Shadow’

After universally positive reviews and repeated requests from fans, progressive doom metal progenitors NORTHERN CROWN has decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a CD release of the band’s new album In a Pallid Shadow. Visit the link below to contribute. A trailer video for the campaign is available at this location.

In A Pallid Shadow Kickstarter Campaign for CD Release

In the cracks between the music genres of Doom, Prog, and Rock n’ Roll, NORTHERN CROWN find a unique fit, as exemplified by In A Pallid Shadow. Stream and/or purchase the digital album at this location.

“It all seems fairly simple and innocuous, totally fine classic doom, nothing to get too excited about.…and then Northern Crown begin to stretch their progressive muscles and suddenly we have a totally different beast.” (10/10)

  • Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“This is a superb album.”

  • Velvet Thunder

“Northern Crown may have the sleeper hit of the year so far with In A Pallid Shadow.” (4/5)

  • Metal Rules

“They’ve built a sound that contains mammoth riffs supported by potent doom grooves and magnificent vocals that can be soulful, bluesy, and titanic. The five songs for this effort contain the right amount of musical information to process in their diversity – bringing to mind aspects of Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Black Sabbath to Deep Purple, Yes, and even a bit of classic 80’s metal on the docket.” (8.5/10)

  • Dead Rhetoric

“This is an excellent album—almost certainly a candidate for many a doom-laden year end list.”

  • Sleeping Village Reviews

“So many good moments are there to be found within the grooves of In A Pallid Shadow; you need to give this a go as soon as is humanly possible!”

  • Sentinel Daily

“If you wish Opeth remembered they were a metal band when they started exploring 70s prog rock, this is for you. Not doom, not retro rock, In a Pallid Shadow is the mystery meat currently being served at the AMG cafeteria. Don’t ask questions, just dig in.”

  • Angry Metal Guy

“This is another strong outing for Northern Crown. The band have been amassing a very respectable discography over the years, and In a Pallid Shadow continues this consistently solid trend. Highly recommended.”

  • Wonderbox Metal

“In a Pallid Shadow [is a] a well thought-out, homogeneous piece of music that fans of Candlemass and Pentagram should like equally.” (8/10)

  • Hellfire Magazin

“Northern Crown have made a stake for one of the most impressive albums of the year. A huge sound, thick melodies and a confident delivery make ‘In A Pallid Shadow’ an album that is well worth checking out.”

  • The Razor’s Edge “This band is heavy as it gets when it comes to epic doom. You should check these guys out and buy their stuff.” (8/10)
  • Redefining Darkness

“If Northern Crown end up pigeonholed as doom metal, the Floridian trio should do a lot of good for the genre, dragging riff fans out of their comfort zones. Then again, In a Pallid Shadow might perform just as well in progressive circles, the balance of dissonant instrumentation and concordant performances finely tuned for certain moody fans of Rush and Ayreon.” (8/10)

  • The Metal Observer

“Fans of epic doom metal rejoice, Northern Crown has created an intoxicating full length that is sure to provide hours of listening pleasure for you.” (8.5/10)

  • The Mighty Decibel

“In a Pallid Shadow is a bold, fresh take on doom metal.”

  • Defenders of the Faith

“The core is doom but there are prog elements and epic elements mixed in that take this beyond just another group trying to be like Candlemass or even a different version of Dio. The mix of music is certainly not a happy listen, but at the same time doesn’t suffocate the way traditional doom does. Northern Crown do a great job on their third full album to give listeners a story that is grim and heart wrenching, yet enough varied music that they won’t get bored or feel the group is overdoing it.” (4/5)

  • Brutalism

“One of Florida’s premier underground metal bands. In a Pallid Shadow features only five tracks, but displays a maturity in their sound that is well beyond their seven year career.”

  • JP’s Music Blog

“The music is classy and skillfully performed. A quality album.”

  • Canadian Assault

“In A Pallid Shadow might at first seem not that extensive with a tracklist of only five songs. But I assure you, the length of the album is enough to keep you busy. There are, without a doubt, a lot of strong aspects to be found here.”

  • Indy Metal Vault

“With the third album In A Pallid Shadow the trio embarks on a refreshing journey through progressive realms and hard-rocky tones.” (8.5/10)


“There is much to appreciate in this new album, and it comes at you from many different angles.”

  • Flying Fiddlesticks

“I am extremely impressed with this project.” (8/10)

  • Metal Temple

In A Pallid Shadow is everything that a real adventure should be made of – an epic struggle between good and evil, a terrifying personal dilemma, a brief moment of unexpected beauty, and a few good stories. Confident in their new rhythmic stride with groove-heavy drummer Dan Konopka of OK GO, the band melds guitarist Zach Randall’s signature writing, vocalist Frank Serafine’s distinct classic vocal grit and dynamics, and Leona Hayward’s penchant for assertive and beefy bass lines. One listen through the leading track, “Leprosarium,” and you may not catch the buried reference to John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps,” but you will feel the ten tons of metal slamming you in the face.

As with the band’s self-titled previous album, the music is placed in the best artistic light possible thanks to the evocative artwork of Travis Smith. The final mastering of the album was handled by the notorious and balanced hands of Dan Swanö (Unisound Studio/SE.) Soloist Evan Hensley (Nightfall/Dark Hound/Karmic Link) rains fire down on the songs with a broader contribution than earlier albums, a de facto member of the band.

Track Listing

  1. Leprosarium
  2. The Last Snowfall
  3. A Vivid Monochrome
  4. 8 Hours
  5. Observing
Northern Crown Youtube

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