BLOODRED reveal album’s track list

German blackened death metal one-man project BLOODRED will release its album “The Raven’s Shadow” on September 25, 2020 via Massacre Records.

Check out the track list of the album below!

The Raven’s Shadow” is already available for pre-order here »

BLOODRED‘s second full-length album “The Raven’s Shadow” offers the perfect fusion of black and death metal, all combined with melodic elements. Get ready for brutal songs with raging blast-beat attacks, razor-sharp riffs, epic melodies as well as slow and heavy songs!

BLOODRED was founded in 2009 by mastermind Ron Merz, who is responsible for the songwriting and also acts as the vocalist, guitarist as well as bassist since the band’s formation. He’s supported by session/studio musician  Joris Nijenhuis on drums.

BLOODRED – The Raven’s Shadow

Get it here »

1. The Raven’s Shadow
2. Immense Hall Of Agony
3. Hör Den Tod
4. Blood On Thy Hands
5. Raise The Mound
6. We Who Ruled The North
7. Shadow Warrior
8. Under This Sun
9. The North Star Whispers (To The Blacksmith’s Son)

Blackened Death Metal
Release: 25/09/2020

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