Italian techdeath rising stars ONEIRIC CELEPHAÏS premiere their new guitar playthrough video with

Oneiric Celephaïs have been garnering critical acclaim for the technical dexterity displayed on the two singles released from their upcoming Gore House Productions EP, The Obscure Sibyl. Today they reveal some of their secrets with a new guitar playthrough video for the track ‘From Beyond‘. Lead guitarist and lead vocalist Federico Giusti shows every twist and trick involved in this complex and involving song, exclusively at

Watch ‘From Beyond’ at now

‘From Beyond’ is a song very close to Federico’s heart as he explains…
“From Beyond” is the very first song I ever wrote for the band. It has special meaning to me. I conceived the idea for the song from H.P. Lovecraft’s short novel of the same name. It reflects my main inspirations: the opening riff recalls the style of Muhammed Suiçmez, just like the solos, while the central part evokes some Coroner patterns.”

The Obscure Sibyl EP will be released by Gore House Productions on August 7th and it is not to be missed…

“… they will soon be spearheading the technical death metal movement.” 9/10 – DISAGREEMENT.NET

Now head to to discover the inner workings of ‘From Beyon’…

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