DROPS OF HEART Releases ‘Stargazers’ (Album Streaming)

Russian melodic death metal band DROPS OF HEART have released new album Stargazers. Stream the entire album on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Purchase Stargazers:

“This is an amazing album. Truly remarkable.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life
“Stargazers takes the old school sound that so many metal bands shot out the gate with in the early 2000s and adds their own unique spin that will definitely make Drops Of Heart a big name in melo death for years to come.” (4.5/5)
– Brutalism
“This is an excellent album.”
– North from Northern
“It takes a certain type of finesse to mine the depths of one’s influences — to melt down the riches found there and reforge them into a new creation that feels at once familiar yet exciting and original.  To embrace the comfortable, to envelop the intimate and known, and to revitalize it through fresh eyes is its own special vein of creativity, one which Drops of Heart fully embody on their second full-length Stargazers.”
– Invisible Oranges
“Listening to Stargazers, you can instantly roll out the usual influences for this type of material (Soilwork, In Flames, Insomnium) and it’s immediately apparent that Drops of Heart have done their due diligence when it comes to making the sound work.”
– Dead Rhetoric
“Drops of Heart are really goddamn good at what they are creating here.”
– The Doorway To
“A good showcase of the versatility of melodic death metal. It will tick a lot of boxes for fans out there.”
– The Independent Voice
“Drops of Heart impresses. Stargazers is a lot of fun.”

Stargazers is a tragic story of the presence of personal afflictions and disasters, affecting us all. Told in 12 epic compositions, the conceptually bleak album leaves room for a glimpse of hope and optimism.

The legacy of 1990s and 2000s metal pioneers is intertwined with modern genre trends, energetic riffs are complemented by cinematic synths, and loyalty to the band’s hallmark sound. The sound of the album is completed by voices of famous modern metal bands – Richard Sjunnesson from UNGUIDED (“Frost Grip”) and Bjorn Strid from SOILWORK (“Starlight”).


1 Echoes
2 Frost Grip (feat. Richard Sjunnesson)
3 Knot
4 Escapist [Video]
5 Lull
6 Starlight (feat. Bjorn Strid)
7 Modern Madness [Video]
8 Coffin
9 Exodus
10 Death Lover
11 Discoverers
23 Stargazers
13 Starlight (Single English Version)(Bonus Track)


Mix and master – Vladimir Lehtinen
Artwork – Andrey Solok ‘Getslower’


Denis Fakhrislamov – Vocal
Vadim Nizamov – Vocal, guitar, keyboards, bass
Pavel Klimov – Guitar
Artem Gabbasov – Drums

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