No Clean Singing Premiere – ‘Caldera’ by Italian technical death metal band HATEFUL

No Clean Singing has premiered the track ‘Caldera’ by Italian technical death metal band Hateful. The track is from the band’s September-slated release album, Set Forever In Me. It’s always fantastic to see music lovers genuinely enjoy and spend their time dissecting new releases, which you can clearly see in the premiere AT THIS LINK. Excerpt: 

‘It’s heavy and rumbling, with a brutish, mauling juggernaut quality, but at the same time it’s a juggernaut with fast-moving, precisely integrated internal workings and rapidly shifting gears, spinning almost too fast to assimilate the first time through, unlocking and locking into new patterns with head-spinning exuberance.’

Hateful (Italy) – Set Forever On Me (September 25th, 2020)

Genre – Technical Death Metal
Release Date – September 25th, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of – Gorguts, Immolation, Disincarnate, Cerebrum, Suffocaiton, Spawn of Possession, Archspire, Deeds of Flesh

Italian death metal masters Hateful have created a mind-bending album of epic proportions. They’ve constructed dizzying structures by piling riffs and drum patterns atop one another with delirious fervour and surgical precision. It includes elements of the early technical death metal bands like AtheistGorgutsDisincarnate and Death, powerful brutal coagulants such as Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh, and even the kinetic, ever-changing properties of bands like Spawn of Possession and Necrophagist. There’s just so much to unravel as a listener and it’s a rare treat, for Hateful take their time fleshing out the parts and seeing to their fulfillment, rather than rushing blindly through it all without making any rhythmic sense or retaining a semblance of coherence. This is a thinking man’s death metal where the core sound isn’t mutated abnormally nor is the brutality mitigated and yet it incorporates intricate, highly challenging structures, Immolation-esque complexity and dissonance, and exhibits maddening dexterity and endless album replay value. Seven years in the making, Hateful‘s hugely awaited album complements contemporary death metal label mates in DepravityAtræ BilisSepulchral Curse and Cutterred Flesh and even technical death metal champions Chaos MotionCerebrumCoexistence and The Scalar Process.

Band lineup –
Daniele Lupidi (ValgrindVoids of Vomit) – Bass, Vocals and Rhythm Guitars
Massimo Vezzani (Voids of Vomit) – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Marcello Malagoli (Blood of Seklusion) – Drums and Vocals

Artwork by Daniele Lupidi

Track listing –
1. On the Brink of the Ravine
2. Oxygen Catastrophe
3. Phosphenes     
4. The Irretrievable Dissolution Process on the Shores of Time
5. Will-Crushing Wheel
6. Caldera
7. Time Flows Differently
8. Our Gold Shined in Vain
9. The Nihil Truth
10. River’s Breath
11. The Proof

Official Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

Hateful Facebook

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