TRIDENT – unleash the new single and lyric video for “North”. Pre-orders for “North” available now!

Sweden blackened death metallers TRIDENT will release their sophomore full-length album “North” on October 2nd 2020 via Non Serviam Records.
Finally, today the band unveils the lyric video for the title track “North” to give a taste of their new masterpiece.

Stream/download the song HERE
The band states: “‘North’ is s a homage to the spirits and ancient magic, which inhabits the elusive landscapes of the northern hemisphere”.
“North” will be available as CD, Trans Blue 2LP, and digital.
Pre-order your copy of “North” here:
Limited CD DIGIPAK:  
Limited double VINYL Trans Blue:  

The nine-song effort was mixed and mastered by bass player Anders Backelin (LORD BELIALDEATH TYRANT) at Armageddon Recordings Studio.
“North” is moving away from tight structural extreme music and wants to bring back the soul of the old greats. The record is an epic journey across blackened death metal with the band’s very own, unique flare to it.
The stunning artwork was created by Juanjo Castellano Rosado (UNLEASHEDTHE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERVARATHRONVOMITORY, a.o.).

The band explains: “We envisioned ourselves to create something that was lost after the 90’s era, embracing the freedom of musical structures and boundaries to create something which speaks from within. This album is a vision of what we believe was missing from that era with a purpose to bring back the soul of the old greats. This album is the creation from many years of hardships, translated and formed to art through musical expression. As entities, as humans, we have been put aside to bury the raging feelings from within and never to express them. We understood that not expressing ourselves would be our demise. As a dam breaking, flooding with energy, this was created to tell the story of our lives and to express ourselves through art. The album artwork and the songs themselves tells a story about an Internal journey, of ominous visions through dreams, touching the subjects of ancient wisdoms long forgotten, cursed bloodlines”.

The track listing reads as follows
1. Enter
2. Death
3. Imperium Romanum
4. Summoning
5. Pallbearers Hymn
6. Final War
7. Possession
8. North
9. Schaman

TRIDENT features in their ranks former DISSECTION guitar player Johan Norman, ex-LORD BELIAL Anders Backelin and Per-Owe Solvelius (FEJD), among others.

After releasing their debut album “World Destruction” via Regain Records in 2010, followed by EP “Shadows” 5 years later, facing some line-up changes, finally TRIDENT are back with full dark forces.

Joakim Antonsson (Svart)
Johan Norman (Reaper)
Per-Owe Solvelius (Ulv)
Henri Heikkinen (Defiler)
Anders Backelin (Bloodlord)

TRIDENT online:  

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