ÆPOCH – Canadian Prog-Death Unit Launch Full Stream Of The Scryer At No Clean Singing. EP Out This Friday

This Friday, July 31st, Ontario, Canada natives Æpoch will release their upcoming EP, The Scryer. It is the follow up to the group’s well-received 2018 album, Awakening Inception. 

Building upon their well-developed style of progressive death metal that incorporates influences from thrash, melodic death metal, old-school death metal, and modern/technical death metal, The Scryer is yet another innovative and exciting effort from Æpoch with much to enjoy across its six scintillating tracks. 

Æpoch – The Scryer will strongly appeal to fans of groups who the band cite as sources of inspiration which includes Abysmal Dawn, Job For A Cowboy, Obscura, Revocation, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Gorod

The band partnered with No Clean Singing to launch an exclusive full early stream of The Scryer ahead of its release this Friday.

You can listen to all of Æpoch – The Scryer HERE

Æpoch – The Scryer Pre-order Link

 No Clean Singing comments on the premiere of The Scryer 
 “Make no mistake, this really is a thrill-ride that will get your blood pumping and your head spinning, and may wind up conjuring Tales of the Arabian Nights in your mind. It’s a cavalcade of fast-changing instrumentation, murderous vocals, and both pyrotechnical guitar soloing and equally riveting fretless bass solos. But that’s not how the EP begins.

Instead, the band first beckon the listener forward in a more subtle and seductive fashion with a rippling acoustic guitar instrumental that’s classically influenced. That opening track, “Devil Twin Pt. I: The Birth of a Demon”, has a mysterious and magical aura, and a hint of melancholy. But it’s Part II of Devil Twin — “The Death of a Man” — that really provides a more accurate preview of what lies ahead.

That follow-on track hits the listener with a seething riff, neck-popping snare beats, and savage growls, roars, and screams. The fast-paced music then blares and jolts, swarms in a maniacal frenzy, and exotically sways like a hooded serpent. The Arabian-influenced melody gives the song an unusual air, and it becomes dervish like in its whirling intensity, thanks in part to a fret-melter of a solo.

There’s no real abatement in the energetic intensity of the EP from that track forward.”

Æpoch – The Scryer Line-Up
Brett MacIntosh – Fretless Bass/Lead Vocals
Greg Carvalho – Drums (Stolos, Shadoccult)
Marcus Arar – Guitar/Backing Vocals (Inhalants)
Ira Lehtovaara – Guitar (Raider)

*Layne Richardson (Becomes Astral) – Guest solo (Solo 4) on “Shrapnel Baptized”

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