Death metal quintet DYGORA announce EP and release video for ‘Ghetto Spiritual’

New EP Ghetto Spiritual out 3rd September 2020

UK metal five-piece DYGORA have released a video for their new single ‘Ghetto Spiritual’, the title-track from their forthcoming EP which is due for release on 3rd September 2020. Originating from South London, DYGORA label their approach to the genre as ‘Southside Death Metal’, bearing influence from a range of bands including GojiraJesus PieceCode OrangeMalevolence and Thy Art Is Murder.

Watch the video for ‘Ghetto Spiritual’ here:

‘Ghetto Spiritual’ is a term coined by the band as a salute to the Negro Spirituals, which were sung by the enslaved Africans in the Western hemisphere. The Negro Spirituals were sung to forget their pain during that moment; a moment wrapped in song. DYGORA have replaced the word ‘Negro’ with ‘Ghetto’, to highlight the different songs and rhythms that are still being sung today. The band’s EP was inspired by those voices that still carry through. 

Ghetto Spiritual embodies the aggressiveness of DYGORA‘s roots andconveys a message of the band’s anger and desire to be heard in a world of confusion and uncertainty, a release of the tension that has built up in these previous months. The three-track record is an energetic and blunt call to those enraged, and for those seeking a voice amongst the obedient chaos we call society. 

The band comments: 

“To us, this EP is the epitome of rhythmic rage. A groovy aggression with a message unseen in the mainstream. We want people to feel where we have come from, what we’ve endured, what we’ve seen. We believe people aren’t angry enough, and we know music is the greatest tool to bring about that anger; that same anger we’ve all decided to suppress, but with this EP we are asking people to bring it forth.”

For more information:

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