OVER THE VOIDS… reveal new album “Hadal”

Polish blackened metal artist OVER THE VOIDS… returns on August 28th with the new album “Hadal“. The video and single “Corridors inside a glacier” is available today on YouTube and other relevant digital music services.  

Watch: https://youtu.be/8KZySeX7gIs
Listen: https://orcd.co/corridors-inside-a-glacier

In conspiracy with Malignant Voices


Over the Voids is back. The long-awaited sophomore album, “HADAL”, sports a masterful balance between atmosphere and aggression. Both melody and dissonance have their place here, and the forceful arrangements bristle with harsh energy. Interspersed with the frantic aural attacks are bleak passages, at times adorned with chanted clear vocals and haunting acoustic guitars.

With “HADAL”, main visionaire The Fall expands Over the Voids’ austere universe into new, yet oddly familiar, territories. Even though it is harkening back to the glorious 90’s black metal sound it is an evidence of how a fallen world can birth to something new and teeming with ominous potency. From the depths of darkness, a new power emerges, spreading itself over the voids…

Release date: August 28th

More information on formats and pre-order: https://nordvis.com/en/over-the-voids-a-25


Web: https://www.nordvis.com/en/over-the-voids-a-25
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overthevoids/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/overthevoids
Bandcamp: https://overthevoids.bandcamp.com/

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