DISAVOWED’s ‘Revocation of the Fallen’ Out Now and Streaming!

Brutal Mind has released Revocation of the Fallen, the new album from Dutch Brutal Death Metallers DISAVOWED. Stream the album in its entirety at youtu.be/soXqfWSCpeU

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Brutal Mind:

“One of the best albums of brutal death metal. Excellent return.” (10/10)
– Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine
“Disavowed once again enter the elite of radical noise in style. Hopefully they will never leave us again.” (10/10)
– Broken Tomb Magazine
“Disavowed is continuing their natural evolution; the perfect amalgamation of their unrelenting brutality, seamless signature song-writing, and perfect chemistry between the instruments and bandmates.” (9.8/10)
– The Invisible Orange
“Disavowed have reached the top of brutal death.” (9.5/10)
– Science of Noise
“34 minutes of inventive and explosive brutality.” (9/10)
– Pavillon666
 “Brutal Death Metal filled complexities that will make the listener completely mind fucked.” (9/10)
– Metal Purgatory
“Walls and walls of riffs, thousands of them assembled with each other in a perfect and malicious architecture; some drum lines that seem to want to exceed the established limits of beats per minute, a bass with a brutal presence, proficiency in abundance.” (9/10)
– Necromance
“One of the Death Metal albums of the year!”
– Metalopolis
“A great album and a worthy comeback from this group.”
– No Clean Singing
“This is top tier Brutal Death.”
– CultMetalFlix
“Dutch death metal at its finest from the most qualified in the genre.” (4/5)
– Brutalism
“Perfect Death! DISAVOWED this year presents a perfectly polished brutal death metal diamond.”
– Deadly Storm Zine
“By time the 35 (ish) minutes have been suffered, Revocation of the Fallen might very well be your new favourite death metal release of 2020.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life
“13 years of absence may be a long time, but it seems Disavowed used this to renovate their music, recording their best album to date.”
– Heavy Music Headquarters
“A damn good album!”
– Metal Nation
“It should feel like solidarity for long-standing fans and something sharp and refreshingly straightforward for the modern day brutalist. High recommendation.”
– Grizzly Butts
“A great pot of brutal death metal.”
– White Room Reviews
 “A highly enjoyable album for fans of Suffocation, Defeated Sanity, and even Dying Fetus.” (8.5/10)
– Metal Addiction
“Revocation Of The Fallen is a blatant marriage of brutality from the heart and the mental frustrations of our path gone astray in this crazy world. Definitely recommended for fans of Disgorge, Severed Savior and Pyaemia. Awesome!!”  
– Explicitly Intense
“Brutal technical death metal done well.”
– The Razors Edge
 “Modern and obsessive, technically evolved death metal. Revocation of the Fallen could prove to be an important turning point in the career of this band.”
– Metal Italia
“A banging ass brutal death metal record!”
– Zax Record Reviews
“Technically and more shredding-oriented, but don’t forget the groove and the slam parts. Welcome back, Disavowed!”
– Metal.de
“There are ten tracks and all of them leave no room for boredom. Exceptional.”
– From Beyond Metal
“With their traditional style savagery and non-stop death metal body blows, the band are back to reclaim what is rightfully theirs: global recognition and respect (so give it up).”
– Riff Relevant
“Very high level technical brutal death metal.”
– Metal France
“Fans of Disavowed can breathe again as they are back in style where every brutal death metal maniac will have a wonderful time.”
– The Metal Gamer Blog
 “Although they aren’t just a straight-up slam band, Disavowed aren’t afraid to bludgeon the listener.”
– The Independent Voice
“Sweeping and beastly work full of intricate riff and monstrous voices.”
– Oscuro Funeral
“Dutch brutes with a recognized position among fans of technical slaughter.”
– Masterful Magazine
 “Technical mastery. Energetic Brutal Death Metal.”
– Music Webzine

DISAVOWED brings you Revocation of the Fallen to quench your thirst for complexity, ultimate sharp riffage, and powerful blast-beat intensity. The captivating elements of the two previous albums served as a foundation for the new album. Monstrous vocals and complex chromatic riffs are merged with over-the-top drumming by Septimiu. The Kohlekeller production creates a dissonant feeling in the other-world brutality of the fallen kingdom that has finally been revoked!

Track Listing:

  1. The Process of Comprehension
  2. The Enlightened One
  3. Revocation of the Fallen
  4. Imposed Afterlife
  5. Deformed Construct
  6. Therapeutic Dissonance
  7. Defractured in Contemplation
  8. Egocentric Entity
  9. The Inevitable Outcome
  10. Facing the Singularity

Album Credits:

Songs written by Disavowed
All lyrics by Robbe K
Drums recorded at the Kohlekeller Studio
Mixed and mastered at the Kohlekeller Studio
Vocals recorded at Audiovisualz
Artwork by Jorg de Vos
Layout by Robbe K & Pradana Graphics


Robbe K – Vocals
Gerben – Guitars
Daniel – Guitars
Nils – Bass
Septimiu – Drums


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