BENDIDA published the 2ⁿᵈ album, “First Of The Heroes”

Since July 30th, this unique gathering of passionated musicians presents their new, elaborately produced music video for the album hymn “Civilization“. Produced by Boyan Karamfilov, the video shows the visionary face of the musicians involved also visually in lovingly created perfection:

Over the last years BENDIDA captured the audience’s attention by regular concerts and as an result, the popularity of the Bulgarian FANTASY METAL formation keeps growing.

The eight-headed ensemble creates an unique magical sound – the base is Metal, enhanced by Classical and Folkelements. The atmosphere of BENDIDA’s sound gets completed with an ancient Baroque instrument – Viola da gamba.

BENDIDA • 2020 •  Jordan Chapkanov

Kremena Nikolova • Vocals
Vinnie Atanasov • Guitars, Vocals, Compositions, Arrangements, Orchestrations
Alexander Panayotov • Bass
Vyara Grancharova • Viola da gamba
Bisera Dimitrova • Violin
Ralitsa Georgieva • Keyboard
Velislav Kazakov • Drums

Artwork • “First Of The Heroes“: Kremena Nikolova 

▶ Official release: March 6ᵗʰ, 2020 ◀


  1. Enter The Sanctuary 02:08
  2. Legend Of Gilgamesh 05:37
  3. Hunt The Hunter 03:55
  4. Vampires’ Ball 04:36
    v5. Beast And Man 06:27
  5. Desolated Sea 04:32
  6. Music Of The Spheres 04:34
  7. The Fern Flower 05:22
  8. Lady Of Eternal Winter 04:01
  9. Dawn Of Man 01:12
  10. Civilization 04:33
  11. Middle Ages 02:59
  12. Apogee 01:10
  13. Demolition 02:31
  14. The New World 03:06

total: 56:43 min.

The lyrical themes in the band’s music are in the spheres of mythology, fantasy and fiction. BENDIDA interprets mythology from the ancient myths and legends – Sumer, Slavic, Thracian and others. The highly motivated group draws inspiration mainly from Classical music, Metal and Folklore.

 97 / 100
“… will mark future times in terms of Symphonic Metal … light years away from the falsehood that is often heard … a dazzling and rarely found level … imagine how a crossing between Therion, Haggard, Molllust, Nightwish, Epica and Rhapsody Of Fire/Luca Turilli would result? It’s like Vivaldi, Verdi, Mozart and Bethoveen have become metalheads! Simply brilliant and masterful!”
(Via Nocturna)

9,5 / 10
“… a band with 8 elements, including a soprano female vocalist, violin, piano, viola da gamba (kind of cello) and french horn … full of orchestrations and pompous songs … among the majestic orchestrations of Vinnie Atanasov (also all guitars) are the portentous vocals of Kremena Nikolova … a symphonic masterpiece …”
(Sounds From Apocalypse)

9 / 10
“… Bulgarian originals … Symphonic Metal full of class and Neo-Classical virtuosity … appeals more to sensitivity than to savagery and is of a surprising quality.”
(World Of Metal)

9 / 10
“BENDIDA’s new work will enchant and fascinate you … it will take you on a musical journey through unreal worlds … it will take you away from the gray everyday life, leaving you pleasantly dizzy from the polyphony of instruments and voices … heavy guitars, violins, pianos, folk instruments, various vocal and choral performances, all this will fall on you, but somehow gently, in portions, so that it can be perceived and you will want more …”
(We Rock BG)

15 / 20
“… heartbreakers … atmospheric … operatic … gliding along a radiant melodic river, dressed in silk by the spellbinding lyrical flights of the mistress of Ceremonies, which neither Mattsson nor Nightwish would have rejected.”
(Spirit Of Metal)

“… it is obvious the huge amount of work, sincerity and professionalism invested in it … definitely a step in the right direction and gives hope for the future of the native Symphonic / Power Metal.”
(Metal World INFO)


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