GLASYA – New Single / Video “Canção do Mar”

After the first anniversary of the album Heaven’s Demise and still within the scope of this celebration, GLASYA will release on August 7th a new Video / Single with their interpretation of the music immortalized by the voices of Amália Rodrigues, which this year is celebrating 100 years of her birth, and Dulce Pontes – A Canção do Mar

This reinterpretation arises from the will to spread the Portuguese culture and music sung in its mother tongue, to a wider group of new listeners who have discovered what is made in Portugal by different national talents, and there is no better way to honor the past that bring it to the present.

The music and video were recorded at Dinamix Studios at the invitation of Ricardo Fernandes, who produced and mastered the theme together with the band.

Glasya are currently pre-producing the Heaven’s Demise’s successor and will enter in studio later this year.

Video / Single –

GLASYA are a Portuguese Symphonic Metal band composed of several members of the Portuguese metal scene, Eduarda Soeiro (also on Nightdream), Davon Van Dave (former Urban Tales, former Shadowsphere), Bruno Prates (former Enchantya), Manuel Pinto (former Enchantya) Bruno Ramos (former My Deception) and Hugo Esteves as founder.

The band made their first performance in 2018 with the single and video Heaven’s Demise, which received excellent public and press reception, with the single being part of the Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol. 5 compilation, alongside bands like EPICA, KAMELOT…. On July 2019 he released his debut album Heaven’s Demise by German publisher PRIDE & JOY MUSIC, which features artists such as Timo Tolkki, Bonfire, Almah, Black Majesty or Secret Rule.

Their debut album, Heaven’s Demise, was acclaimed, nationally and internationally, as one of the best in the music genre in 2019. Glasya are currently preparing their successor.

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