Watch a pro-short video of LUCIFER’S CHILD full performance at Hellfest 2019

In response to several cancelled shows following the virus outbreak, Greek black metallers LUCIFER’S CHILD decided to connect with fans on-line, by making their entire Hellfest 2019 performance available for streaming. Watch a pro-shot video of the full show at:

LUCIFER’S CHILD – Live @ Hellfest 2019 (Full Pro-Shot Video)

The band commented: “Since we cannot be on the road, this is one of the few ways we can reach out to you. We cannot wait until we’ll be able to raise hell on stage again! Stay safe and strong.”

1.Black Heart
3.Fall of the rebel angels
4.Throygh fire we burn
5.He, who punishes and slays
6.El dragon
7.The order
8.Viva morte

LUCIFER’S CHILD was formed in 2013 in Athens (Greece) by guitarist George Emmanuel (ex-Rotting Christ, ex-Chaostar) and bassist Stathis Ridis (ex-Nightfall). The prolific duo quickly expanded into a four-piece with vocalist Marios Dupont (Karma Violens) and drummer Nick Vell (Chaostar), and released their debut album “The Wiccan” in 2015. Enriched by the album’s keen reception and increasing interest of black metal seekers, they delivered a follow-up record titled “The Order”, which successively emphasized the band’s classic approach, heavy on atmosphere and replete with dark aesthetics. Released late 2018 on Agonia Records, the album features an unsettling cover artwork drawn by Daniele Valeriani (Dark FuneralDissectionMayhem). Watch a music video for album’s title track here.

LUCIFER’S CHILD – The Order (Official Music Video)

George Emmanuel – guitars
Stathis Ridis – bass
Marios Dupont – vocals
Nick Vell – drums

Upcoming shows:
10.4.2021 Tilburg, Netherlands – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
11.4.2021 Gent, Belgium – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
12.4.2021 Erfurt, Germany – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
13.4.2021 Wien, Austria – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
14.4.2021 Bielsko-Biała, Poland – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
15.4.2020 Berlin, Germany – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
16.4.2021 Mannheim, Germany – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
17.4.2021 Oberhausen, Germany – Tour w/ Finsterforst (Central EU)
18.4.2021 Lichtenfels, Germany – Ragnarok Festival (GER)
01.05.2021 Karmoygeddon Festival (NO)
22.05.2021 Bavarian Battle Open Air (GER)
21-23.06.2021 Kilkim Zaibu (EST)
15.08.2021 Midgardsblot Festival (NOR)


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