Pagan Doom lords ELDERSEER premiere their new video, ‘Bind Us As One’ with No Clean Singing

We are delighted to be working with pagan doom lords Elderseer, helping to spread word of their weighty new video, ‘Bind Us As One’, to all corners of the metal world. We are proud to present an exclusive premiere of the video at No Clean Singing which you can see right here:

Elderseer only formed in the dying embers of 2017, but their haunting melodies and heaviness like mountains have captured the hearts of fans, drawn into their dark embrace upon the sombre tides of sadness that carry stirring songs like ‘Bind Us As One’ ever onward. Elderseer have already performed at the prestigious Hard Rock Hell Vikings festival, alongside MoonsorrowSkycladCruachan and Heidevolk, the renowned Facebarmageddon with Desert StormBlack Moth and Absolva and in London with artists as diverse as GodthrymmConsecrationDie KurThe Medea Project and Apophis. Such is the power of their music that all who hear it feel a connection resonating within.

‘Bind Us As One’ is the title track of Elderseer’s debut EP and it encapsulates the essence of their ancient magic – the mournful, stately progress, the delicate, echoing guitar notes that provide a fragile counterpoint to the gargantuan riffs and thundering drums, the raw, grim vocals that perfectly enunciate the emotive lyrics, speaking with unbridled passion. ‘Bind Us As One’ is an outstretched hand, an invitation to journey with Elderseer, to join their ‘legions of the damned’. It is an anguished plea, a cry from the bleeding heart of the land, a glimpse of the ancient powers that reside there. Combining live footage and evocative images of the natural world this video brings into the light the soul of Elderseer – captives of modern society yet yearning for the hillsides and forests.

See the video at No Clean Singing NOW

Elderseer have also appeared on the Doomed And Stoned In England compilation which included bands like Arkham WitchWarcrab and Witchtripper.
The band are currently working on a new full length album, with plans for a winter 2020/21 release, so delve into the mysteries of ‘Bind Us As One’ and prepare for the pilgrimage to come.

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