RECORRUPTOR – Frenetic Death Metallers Launch “Moribund” At No Clean Singing

Lansing, Michigan-based death metallers Recorruptor recently announced their sophomore album, The Funeral Corridor, which is set for release on Friday, August 21st. The Funeral Corridor was recorded and mixed at Broken Monolith Studios and mastered by Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley.

Formed in 2013, the group has spent a number of years honing their craft playing live shows as well as releasing their debut album Bloodmoon in 2017. Fast-forward to 2020, and Recorruptor is ready to unleash an eclectic and impressive death metal feast on The Funeral Corridor that is guaranteed to thrill fans of the genre. 

The Funeral Corridor is the clear work of musicians who eat, sleep and breathe death metal and keenly draw inspiration from both early legendary acts and highly praised modern acts as well. The end result makes for a multi-faceted listening experience with a bit of something for everyone combined with complex and mature songwriting throughout all nine tracks on the album.

The Funeral Corridor is strongly recommended for fans of bands the group cites as influences which include Cattle Decapitation, Cannibal Corpse, Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder, Immolation, and Emperor.

The band has partnered with No Clean Singing to premiere their 3rd early single, “Moribund” (doubles as a music video) from The Funeral Corridor. Out August 21st. 

You can listen to Recorruptor – “Moribund” HERE

The Funeral Corridor Pre-order Link

No Clean Singing comments on the launch of “Moribund”
Recorruptor set the stage by revealing early on the sinister riff that haunts the song like a demonic presence from beginning to end. It sounds eerie, queasy, and corrupting, even as the band foreshadow the violence to come through bursts of drum mania and cold, cruel, domineering chords. As that ghoulish melody rises in eminence, joined by bursts of high-bpm drum munitions and horrid howls, it takes on an occult and imperialistic aspect.

And the song does indeed become violent, transforming into a sonic bloodletting that’s matched by the gruesome events portrayed in the video. The drumming goes wild, the bass thunders, the guitars become a berserker frenzy, the vocals transform into lunatic screams. It’s a musical vision of madness and mayhem, made even more frighteningly deranged by a feverish, channel-separated guitar harmony. Insectile arpeggios blend with tyrannical roars and booming grooves.”

Recorruptor Social Media Links
Instagram: @recorruptorofficial

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