Post/Progressive Metallers NUG Streaming Forthcoming Album ‘Alter Ego’

No Cleaning Singing has premiered Alter Ego, the forthcoming album from Post/Progressive Metal band NUG.

Alter Ego (Exclusive Album Premiere)

NUG will release Alter Ego August 14 on Willowtip Records. Pre-orders:


Willowtip Store:

“It’s like the relentless cold winds of Antarctica screaming in your face, and slowly freezing you to death. An amazing album from front to back.” (9/10)
– Metal-Temple
“Alter Ego one of the best albums of the post metal subgenre for this year.”
– Jupiter Variation
“A fine body of music that is equal parts brutal and serene. A terrific album.” (4.5/5)
– The Independent Voice
“In its ranging trips between extremes of massive, earthquaking heaviness and ethereal magnificence, Alter Ego is exhilarating.”
– No Clean Singing
“An immersive, powerful record that unveils different layers with each listen.”
– Meat Mead Metal
“Alter Ego is a massive record which would ideally be listened to in a sensory isolation tank.”
– The Razors Edge
“Unique, inventive and imaginative. NUG should be, rightfully so, incredibly proud of this album.” (5/5)
– Breaking Necks Metal Blog
“The spherical Progressive Post Metal that Alter Ego has to offer pulls its audience deep into the abyss of an emotionally cold world and does not allow them to escape again anytime soon.”
– Lack of Lies
“It undoubtedly resides in the hard to categorize arena, though manages to captivate throughout with its scope, depth and deftly-crafted presence. Do not miss out on this. It will be mentioned again come year’s end!” (93/100)
– CultMetalFlix
“The band outlines all of its influences very well and finds an original sense to stand out.” (8.5/10)
– Dargedik Rock Metal Webzine
“Alter Ego is quite impressive. Wonderfully demanding, but still somewhat catchy songs.”
“The style is unmistakably modern progressive metal, with clear influences from metalcore and melodic death metal. The band accelerates quite a bit, but does a number of things in their own way and that is immediately apparent.”
– Arrow Lords of Metal
NUG issued the following statement concerning the new album:
“This album is a kind of checkpoint for us. For a very long time, we all (together and separately) spent a lot of time on the music, and in this material coded our feelings, thoughts, emotions, hopes, and finally, the particles of our lives.
The album is about spiritual struggling with the alter-ego. This kind of fight may be the most difficult and one long experienced in human life. If you are one of those people who is in this fight right now, we hope that this album will help you in some way. Good luck!”
Special thanks goes to:
Valentin Zhulenko (for the recording of the bass, vocals, mixing and patience)
Frost Magnetic (for the recording of the guitars and drums)
Vadyk Lazariev from “lipkyzvukozapys” (for the mastering)
Maryana Zhdaniuk (for the beautiful growls on “Zvir”)
Ruslan Pashaiev (for the powerful vocals on “Dorian”)
Universe (for the ability to live and to code our feelings into the music)
The album was recorded on Frost Magnetic Records, by sound engineers Valentin Zhulenko and Oleg Moroz. Mixed by Valentin Zhulenko, mastered on studio Lipky Zvukozapys.
Illustration by Mateya Yovbak ( and the design by Yura Dubrovskiy.
Track Listing
01) The Birth / Народження
03) Psyche / Душа
04) Shores / Береги
05) Eleven / Одинадцять
06) Dorian / Доріан
07) Radiance / Сяйво
08) Night Shine / Блиск Ночі
Yura Dubrovskiy – vocal, synth
Vitaliy Rysakov – guitar
Bogdan Kalynets – bass
Jevgen Tarasenko – drums
Yurii Popov – guitar, backing vocals

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