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Ahead of its release on August 28th, we unveil “Accursed Possession“, the second album from unholy duo CULTUS PROFANO, in its entirety. Cold and evil old-school Black Metal :

— stream “Accursed Possession” —

Simultaneously starker and more atmospheric than 2018 debut “Sacramentum Obscurus“, the band achieve malefic transcendence without the need for superficial adornments, through a stripped-back, pitch-black palette of elemental guitars, mesmeric percussion and vocal invocations of burning venom.

With the band now a live entity, “Accursed Possession” has a tour-honed alchemy of purpose, vision and execution. The arcane vibes of those Italian, Greek and other obscure occultists of the second wave are channelled in a unison of magick and mysticism, invocation and ritual, sulphur and mercury.

With supreme focus – and in presence of the serpent – CULTUS PROFANO have conjured an infernal path to perpetual darkness.

Accursed Possession” will be released on CD, 12″ LP, exclusive DMP edition 12″ LP, audio cassette and digital on August 28th. Pre-orders are possible now via the label’s EU shopBandcamp and US shop.

CULTUS PROFANO is a Black Metal duo founded by Advorsus and Strzyga in 2016 in Los Angeles, USA. Together they conjure a pure form of blasphemy that evokes hatred and darkness. The impious vision of CULTUS PROFANO is to fulfill a sacrilegious oath in the form of unholy compositions.

With the aid of Debemur Morti Productions, 2018 summoned CULTUS PROFANO’s debut ritual, “Sacramentum Obscurus”. Taking form in nine profane offerings, these sinful chants and chaotic arrangements cast a shadow over the Earth and cemented the band as a force to be reckoned with.

As of 2020, the shadow rises again and takes form in a new full-length record, “Accursed Possession”. A moody and atmospheric effort of a hellish breed, “Accursed Possession” is the result of a masterful blend of classic Black Metal influence distilled through a distinct and evil vision.

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