Comatose Music release the massive destructive death metal power of INCINERATE’s Sacrilegivm on October 9th

Five years have passed since Incinerate ravaged our minds with the alien invasion horrors of Eradicating Terrestrial Species, but those who assumed these weavers of nightmares had fallen into an eternal void of silence are in for a rude awakening. Incinerate have returned, more potent and more powerful than ever before and with new dark tales of conflict and suffering to tell. It’s time to gaze upon the battlefields of an endless war, where gods and devils, angels and beasts are locked in never-ending combat, where the blood never stops flowing and the screams echo on forever. Welcome to Sacrilegivm!Incinerate have been in the frontlines of death metal for over twenty years now, but anyone who thinks they have the measure of this band, thinks they have heard all that Incinerate have to offer needs to think again. The five years since Eradicating Terrestrial Species have not been wasted, because Sacrilegivm is overflowing with some of the most accomplished and engaging death metal you’ll hear anywhere. Songs like ‘Absence Of Divine Power’ are loaded with moments of perfect synchronicity where the right notes, the right feeling, the right delivery combine to create something staggeringly heavy but also utterly memorable. This is where the new breed of intense, technical death metal meets the song craft and atmosphere of the old masters.

Signed once again with Comatose Music, surely the spiritual home of all purveyors of truly intense death metal, Incinerate are ready to plunge the world into a new age of chaos and carnage. The sirens are howling, the trumpets have been blown and eternal war is nigh. On October 9th Sacrilegivm will be unleashed!

For a first taste of the fires of war head to SLAM WORLDWIDE for an exclusive video premiere of the track ‘Lux In Tenebris’:

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INCINERATE have joined forces with Comatose Music once more – and hell awaits! New album Sacrilegivm to be unleashed this summer!


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