NOVARUPTA announce release details of “From The Darkest Depths”

So the story of Novarupta continues!

This time Alex pulls us down into the darkest depths known to mankind. On the 13th of November Suicide Records will release “Marine Snow” “-It all started with a fire! Disillusioned, but still a fire.

Novarupta was created as something other than just a band, a collective concept spanning the elements that creates the essence of life. In 2018 the recording of ”Disillusioned Fire” began, and that was only the beginning. 2020 will see the release of the second chapter in this journey through fire, water, air and finally earth. Each part contains concepts connected to the element and each album is by itself a conceptual album with a life of its own, yet also a smaller part of a bigger picture, that will be completed when the 4 albums come together.

“Marine Snow” is a vertical journey from the false and stressful land down into the darkened embrace and pressure of the deepest parts of the ocean.”

1. Broken Blue Cascades
2. Every Shade of Water
3. Trieste
4. No Constellation
5. 11°22.4′N 142°35.5′E

These are the featured vocalists:
Josh Graham (A Storm of Light/ex. Red Sparowes)
Lea Amling (Besvärjelsen)
Robert Lamu (Skraeckoedlan)
Martin Persner (Magna Carta Cartel/ex. Ghost)
Mike Paparo (Inter Arma) 
Arvid Hällagård (Greenleaf).

For fans of The Moth Gatherer, Domkraft, Neurosis, CULT OF LUNA…

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