Montreal Thrash HOMICIDE Streaming New Album “Left For Dead”

New Album ‘Left For Dead’ Out Friday, August 21st

L-R – Bryan Donahue – Guitar, Mac – Bass, Scotty – Drums, and at bottom Gab – Vocals / Guitar 

Montreal’s Homicide has a new album “Left For Dead” that is ready to take the world by storm on August 21st, 2020; the first offering since the band went dark 25 years ago. 

What has been coined as “apocalyptic thrash” is coming back for fans and Homicide states it is like the first album, but on steroids. With a considerable amount of experience under their belts, this new album promises to be an instant classic. A no holds barred tour de force. The band shares the premise and musical intricacies behind the single:

“It gets things off to a fine start and is a reminder of just how good the storytelling style of vocalist Gabriel Morency is as he delivers a tale of the wrath of God. Mid-tempo evil chugs keep things going nicely and the riffs pay homage to the Bay Area Thrash scene with a nostalgic tooth gap grin while that whammy bar drop is a nice touch. It’s one of those tracks that cut at a point when it could happily go on for another few minutes and that’s always the hallmark of quality.” 

This is the soundtrack for listeners who are looking to conquer the world. Whether you’re driving, working out, or just looking for something to bang your head to, the fast and furious styling of Homicide is going to hit the spot. 

All killer and no filler Homicide is suitable for fans of Venom, Exodus, and Motorhead.

Today, the band premiere the album’s full stream via MetalInsider HERE.

Vocalist/guitarist Gabriel Morency adds:

“The album has a very live feel to it. It was done somewhat live. There was a flatbed that was recorded live for this and then it was layered, but not a lot of layers. It’s funny cause we’re in Metal Works studios in Toronto and you know they have done the Rolling Stones, Christina Aguilera, Alexisonfire, Guns n’ Roses. Use Your Illusion was done there. So you sort of figure obviously, we didn’t have the same producers, but you’re going to go there and it’s going to sound kind of packaged or get that kind of commercial sort of metal sound and to the credit the producer (Wayne Cochrane ) was anti. To be honest, I and Bryan, let’s add another layer and another layer. We wanted to get fancy and he was like keep it raw, keep it raw. We sort of found that balance of solid professional production and raw metal sound. Sometimes less is more. When we came in we had the amps cranked and he was like dear God! You guys have a lot of feedback and noise you don’t need. I and Bryan didn’t realize how much buzzing and humming we had. You start cranking pedals and Marshals there’s a lot of noise being made”

“Left For Dead” Album Teaser Video HERE.

Album Pre-Order HERE.

Track Listing:
1. Shot to Hell (4:43)
2. Point Blank Range (4:15)
3. Left For Dead (4:15)
4. Enemy of The State (5:06)
5. Nightmares of The Apocalypse (2:28)
6. Scorched Earth (3:45)
7. Scourge of God (5:43)
Album Length: 30:18

More info:

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