Petrichor re-issues ‘As The Shadows Fall’ by GODSEND

Petrichor is proud to announce that in November they will re-issue the first album, ‘As The Shadows Fall‘, by Norwegian doom act Godsend, featuring Dan Swanö on vocals. The album is completely remastered by Toneshed Recording Studio and will be available on vinyl for the first time ever as well as on CD and digital. The 2-CD edition will feature the bands’ demo, remastered as well!

For fans of: Candlemass, Paradise Lost, Solitude Aeturnus, Pentagram, Anathema

Listen to a remastered song here:

I doubt that in the 90’s, there was a way to avoid the ever present genius of Dan Swanö. Godsend might not be the most familiar band he has cooperated with but surely not the least. Godsend succeeded in combining doom with slight gothic and progressive touches. For some people the level of brilliance achieved on this first full length (and bonus demo) was never reached again. Presumably this is the first album where Dan Swanö used clean vocals and the very deep bass register is quite impressive and eerie without lacking the right amount of emotion. There are times that you can even distill small hints of Marillion on this album although most songs are along the lines of doom metal as we are used to. The bonus disc featured with the deluxe double cd edition of this album also includes the ‘Demo 1992’ which is also remastered and sounds amazing. This is a must for fans of melodic doom from the 90’s era, featuring Dan Swanö.

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