SENSORY AMUSIA’s ‘Bereavement’ Out Now on Lacerated Enemy / EP Streaming

Lacerated Enemy Records has released Bereavement, the new EP from Australian Death Grinders SENSORY AMUSIA. The EP can be streamed in its entirety at, as well as on Bandcamp.

Purchase Bereavement at:

“SENSORY AMUSIA drop a megaton bomb w/ new EP Bereavement.”
– Metal Trenches

“These 17 minutes and change provide as electrifying an experience as beleaguered minds could want — long enough to kick your adrenaline into the red zone, but short enough to leave you hungering for more of what these Aussie destructors mete out.”
– No Clean Singing

“Bereavement has the sort of well-rounded package that should appeal to many a fan in the modern extreme metal arena. Very highly recommend.”
– Wonderbox Metal

“An intensely brutal death metal romp.”
– Toilet ov Hell

“The type of blistering affair that will appeal to fans of Benighted or Aborted in particular, Sensory Amusia fire off a furious cocktail of death and grind with Bereavement.”
– Dead Rhetoric

“A momentous showcase of the twisted fury that is rooted in Sensory Amusia, the five tracks of Bereavement are sickening offerings.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“It feels like everything is coming at you at a million miles an hour. However, Sensory Amusia finds a way to keep things concise within the chaos. Sensory Amusia just does it right.” (9.5/10)
– Between The Lines Media

“They bring forth chaotic and violent death/grind. Sensory Amusia are immensely talented.”
– Breaking Necks

“If you like birdsong, the sweetness of a beautiful melody, get out of the way.”
– Metal France

 “The tracks are aggressive and driving. Banging along is unavoidable.”
– Hellfire Magazin

“Riff heavy, straight up death metal reminiscent of Reign Supreme era Dying Fetus.”
– Zax Record Reviews

“Five new visceral cuts full of technical death metal with deathcore touches.”
– Necromance

SENSORY AMUSIA represent the vanguard of heavy music for the modern era. The style is one of supreme chaotic death metal with elements of hardcore and grind. Razor guitar riffs, insane blast beats and violent vocals unleash an onslaught of misery and devastation. With influences from BenightedAborted and Dying FetusSENSORY AMUSIA’s complex and grooving death jams are just the tip of the iceberg for this 3-piece monstrosity.

Check out the official video for “Death,” featuring a guest appearance from The Amenta vocalist Cain Cressell:

Track Listing:

1 Intro
2 Death [feat. Cain Cressell of The Amenta]
3 Beast [feat. Jared Bridgeman of Earth Rot]
4 Pain
5 Absolute

EP Credits:
Drums recorded by Kevin Paradis
Mixed and mastered by Jei at Exiled Media


Shaun Maloney – Guitars
Joel Parkyn – Bass
Jei Doublerice – Vocals

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