Edmonton’s SIONIS Debut Single “Asthenia” ft. Jon Deiley (Northlane) + Announce Album “Ego” Out 2021

L-R – Caleb LeBlanc (Lead Guitar) | Tom Wolf (Drums) | Terence Thiessen (Scream Vocals) | Lee Stanhope (Rhythm Guitar/Clean Vocals)
Photo Credit: Steven Kovick

Edmonton, Canada’s SIONIS are breaking on to the metalcore scene with their debut single “Asthenia”, which features the hard-hitting, technical drum prowess of Northlane’s Jon Deiley. The single is off the band’s forthcoming 2021 album “EGO”, which has been mixed and mastered by Henrik Udd (Architects, Bring Me The Horizon). 

Listeners of “Asthenia” can expect lyrics dealing with themes of humanity’s self-destruction and existentialism vs. nihilism, with the full album utilizing ambient soundscapes juxtaposed with raw, technical, rhythmic passages. “Asthenia” displays a full range of emotional and energetic screamed vocals alongside catchy clean chorus lines that drive the message home.

The band adds:

“‘Asthenia’ is simply about global corruption and humans destroying the planet, because our possessions and conveniences are more important to us than the planet we live on. In a big way, this song paints the picture of what we are destined to create when the problems in both Avarice and Corporeity are left to germinate and grow. The song talks about how we are destroying the very world and fabric of connection around us. The very air we breathe. Asthenia means to be sick or weak. To be ill”

Watch the music video for “Asthenia” HERE.

(SIONIS does not endorse the views, beliefs, or political leanings of the images represented in the Asthenia music video. The images are meant to generalize and highlight worldly issues and contrast them against the beauty of our world and our lives.)

“Asthenia” is available on SpotifyApple Music, and all other major digital platforms.

SIONIS was formed in 2018 and started as a remote collaboration between lead guitarist Caleb LeBlanc and main vocalist Terence Thiessen (RIOT in Paradise, For Reasons Lost). After the two realized they were on to something interesting, in 2019 they recruited rhythm guitarist and clean vocalist Lee Stanhope, and drummer Tom Wolf (All Else Fails, Original Violence).

More info:
Instagram: @sionisofficial
Twitter: @sionisofficial

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