Colombian Heavy Metallers DIAMOND CHAZER sign with Fighter Records; 1st song, cover & tracklist revealed!

Colombian Heavy Metal band DIAMOND CHAZER, has just signed a contract with Fighter Records for the release of a CD entitled “Chasing Diamonds“, which includes all the material recorded by the band to date, which will be released on 3rd of November 2020 in CD format.

DIAMOND CHAZER formed in Medellín (Colombia) in 2017 and already in 2018 they recorded a first single and an EP entitled “Chained in Tokyo“. In 2019 they released a new 2-track single titled “Diamond Chazer/ Poltergeist“, and already in 2020 the band recorded two new tracks plus a cover of Swedish GOTHAM CITY, for what will be a CD titled “Chasing Diamonds” that will contain all of the aforementioned recordings and which will be released by Fighter Records in CD format.

DIAMOND CHAZER‘s sound is a classic 80’s Heavy Metal that takes influences from NWOBHM, Hard Rock, AOR, French 80’s Heavy Metal and even Speed Metal. “Chasing Diamonds” will serve as a presntation towards the debut full-length album that the band plans to record for 2021 and that will mean a qualitative leap in all aspects for this promising band.

Tracklist for “Chasing Diamonds” is as follows:

01. Zero to Hero
02. The Whip
03. Swords & Chains (Gotham City cover)
04. Tokyo Rendezvous
05. Breakin’ the Chains
06. I Need You
07. Freedom
08. Stranger Things
09. Diamond Chazer
10. Poltergeist

     Release date for DIAMOND CHAZER Chasing Diamonds” will be 3rd of November 2020 through Fighter Records on CD format. In the meantime, check out DIAMOND CHAZER‘s official Facebook site here: and listen to a song of the album on the following link:

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