No Clean Singing premiere ‘Capricorn’ by sludge/doom giants JUPITERIAN

Over the last nine months, Brazilian atmospheric doom/sludge extremists Jupiterian have been laying down the groundwork for ‘Protosapien’, a gargantuan full-length, counted by many as perhaps the heaviest doom release of 2020. And now, with No Clean Singing premiering the video for ‘Capricorn’, the last remaining track on this magnificent presentation, we’re super glad that so many metal writers (all clearly immense fans of this particular music) have interacted constantly with us on this particularly massive journey. Obviously, we look forward to hearing what you think about this particular song release as well. As has become a standard with all of Jupiterian’s songs on this full length, No Clean Singing’s premiere, which you can read in it’s entirety AT THIS LINK, chronicles the truly other-worldly nature of the band’s music, along with a video that is nothing short of monochromatic mesmerization that will leave you wide-eyed and spellbound. An excerpt:

“The visuals, from beginning to end, are striking, and remain so even when the song descends into an abyss of harmonic misery and desperation, and quivers in the throes of dementia. The song drags across the mind in clawing and claustrophobic tones, and dissonantly churns in a semblance of queasiness and dread over the turbulence of blasting drums. It’s a thrilling way to end the song, but nothing that will leave you feeling easy in your skin. Jupiterian know where you’ve tried to hide your fears, and bring them out, running wild again.”

The track is from the band’s ‘Protosapien’ album (releasing 11 September, 2020), reviews for which you can read below:

– “a real heavyweight for year-end lists” – Headbanger Reviews (US)

– “highly recommend the purchase of this record” – The Metal Wanderlust (US) 5/5

– “Fans of doom, atmospheric and sludge MUST pay attention to Jupiterian” – Headbangers (Brazil) 10/10

– “just so goddamn HEAVY!” – Metal-Temple 9/10

– “is one of the best albums ever released in style by a Brazilian band” – Lucifer Rising 9.5/10

“as close to flawless as a record of such magnitude can get.”- The Metal Wanderlust (US) 5/5

– “if you crave something utterly unforgiving, Jupiterian have something to show you” – Metal Rules (Can) 4/5

– “manage to hook you immediately” – Dargedik (Peru) 8.3/10

– “one of the more impressive sludge metal records that I have heard in a good long while” – Two Guys Metal Reviews (US)

– “an emotional siphon that spellbinds as it smothers.” Invisible Oranges (US)

– “it’s going to be a corker” – Blessed Alter Zine (Netherlands)

– “is a monolithic juggernaut of unrelenting power and thunderous impact”- BEST METAL TRACK OF JUNE 2020 – Treblezine (US)

– “Destructive and punitive” – Streetclip (Germany) 8/10

– “an eclectic but thematically structured album” – Antichrist Magazine (Ukraine)

– “like a black memory, a nightmare that suddenly came to life”  – Deadly Storm Zine (Czech Republic)

– “a real heavyweight for year-end lists” – Headbanger Reviews (US)

– “If you only hear one record this year, make it ‘Protosapien’” – The Killchain (UK)

– “combines sensations of derangement and desolation” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “is a masterful work of heaviness and a powerful album” – Doomed and Stoned (US)

– “oppressive, monolithic doom” – The Obelisk (US)

Jupiterian (Brazil) – Protosapien (September 11th, 2020)

Genre – Atmospheric Sludge/Doom/Death Metal
Release Date – September 11th, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

For fans of – Eremit, Loss, Primitive Man, Gaerea, Bell Witch, Krypts, Deathspell Omega, My Dying Bride

Jupiterian are back after releasing their groundbreaking album ‘Terraforming’ which was akin to the sound of tectonic plates shifting. In the aftermath of that event, a new revelation has been unearthed – their magnum opus ‘Protosapien’. It slices through the ominous atmospheric murk of the band’s previous effort and in an almost primitive yet strangely evolved manner, goes for the jugular. Jupiterian rise as a mythical creature, imbibing everything that transpired and distilling it all to create something highly potent, dense and sonically immeasurable. This is the sound of titans. Jupiterian have created a form of harrowing, otherworldly sludge/doom metal that lumbers on erratically, carving their own path, trampling on anything that dares stand in their way. There is little left to do other than cower in fear. Bow down before your new overlords. 

Band lineup –
G – Drums
R – Bass
A – Guitar
V – Guitars, Vocals and Synths

Artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski (EremitBell Witch)

Track listing –
1. Stardust Solitude
2. Orphans
3. Haven
4. The Lighthouse Keeper
5. Straits of Devotion
6. Pilgrim
7. Kingdom of Ruins
8. Brave

Official Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Site

Transcending Obscurity Official YouTube Channel

Transcending Obscurity Records Facebook

Jupiterian Facebook

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