WAR ORPHAN (Feat. ex-Sick of it All, Reach) release first single “Autonomous zone”

The newly formed thrashing hardcore band WAR ORPHAN, featuring guitarist Richie Cipriano (ex-SICK OF IT ALL, REACH), drummer Dante Renzi (REACH) and vocalist David Bason (BARFBAG), has announced plans to release their debut EP, Closer To Death Than Life, on September 25th with Stay Gold Records. 

The trio has revealed their first single, a politically enraged metallic ripper called “Autonomous Zone,” that takes aim systematic racism, the killing of George Floyd and the paltry response from the current administration. The track debuted at PunkNews.org yesterday and can be heard now at the link below.


Commenting on the new song, David Bason states:

“Autonomous Zone is a tribute to organized protest. The fact that the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone existed in Seattle for a brief period is a beautiful thing. On the heels of the cowardly murder of George Floyd, for three short weeks an idea became reality. Despite initial aggressive countermeasures by the SPD you did see city, county and state representatives join protestors on the front lines. Even the SPD took a steps to de-escalate. The mayor told Trump’s goon squad they were unwanted. This speaks volumes about the history of counterculture in the Pacific Northwest. The ensuing nightly protests in Portland represent the voice of the region and what we feel is the true voice of the country. Well done Pacific Northwest. Keep up the fight and stay charged.” 

War Orphan came about when longtime friends Dante, Richie and David moved from recording songs trying make each other laugh to taking it seriously. Singer David Bason (Barfbag) lives in LA. Missing his New York friends, he would leave guitar player Richie Cirpiano (Ex Sick of It All, Reach) voicemails about how he thinks heavy metal is silly. Richie and Dante (Reach, Ouijipig) would track record metal songs to them and send them back. Thus, was born Bloodbath and Beyond, an inside joke to kill time and crack each other up.  

Richie called and said he thought he had a song they should take seriously. Bason got excited and the EP was tracked, mixed and mastered in a matter of weeks. War Orphan came about naturally and the results show. 

“Closer To Death Than Life” is a collection of songs made by lifelong friends with a common love of music.


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