Multi-instrumentalist MAXI CURNOW releases video for new single ‘Fire Eater’

Multi-instrumentalist MAXI CURNOW has released a video for his brand new single ‘Fire Eater’. The track is the second in a series of singles, which will be released every month until Christmas, and follows the highly received ‘Tar & Honey’ last month. The string of singles will be followed by MAXI CURNOW‘s upcoming album, details of which will be revealed in due course. 

For fans of KarnivoolSpiritboxTesseracTSleep Token and Monuments, ‘Fire Eater’ is about passion and salvation, by burning away the things that no longer serve us, getting to the raw but solid core of who we are and what we want. 

Watch the video for ‘Fire Eater’ here:

MAXI CURNOW comments:

“There’s something ancient and cathartic about fire. It kept us alive, gave us light, warmth, lit the painted walls of our first homes.  It’s had relevance throughout my life; I’ve worked with it, played with it, I’ve used Buckley’s ‘Wait in the Fire’ lyric as a mantra for most of my life. I’ve been burnt and I’ve felt healed by it.  

“The stories and myths about Prometheus and phoenixes will never cease to fascinate us, I think because it’s the closest thing we have to magic. It used to be an art form to make fire, now it’s so tamed that it can sit in our pockets until we decide to strike a match. But we’d be unwise to forget what it can do… With Kilns, humans manifested chemical changes and reactions with heat that began revolutions that built the world we live in now. We are where we are because of the flame.”

A perfect marriage of vivid and pop-inspired hooks, progressive composition, and modern technicality, MAXI CURNOW hits hard and immediately captivates, embracing everything from sweeping cinematics to planet-shaking carnage. Crafted with the help of producer George Lever (LoatheSleep Token), his new material delivers a consistent string of melodic earworms, nailgun riffs, and impassioned vocals that beckon the listener into a state of total immersion.

MAXI CURNOW has previously composed music that is published by the BBC and Universal Production Music,and his work has been used across a wealth of shows, channels, and services, including Louis TherouxSky SportsJay Z V KanyeNetflix and Channel 4. He’s also collaborated with a wide range of prolific musicians and producers on his music, from Forrester Savell (KarnivoolSikThAnimals As LeadersTwelve Foot Ninja) to Mike Malyan (MonumentsDisperseThe Algorithm) Rabea Massaad (ToskaDorje), Dave Hollingworth (ToskaDorjeToby Peterson-Stewart (The Omnific), Doug Harper (Rick AstleyGary BarlowBook of Mormon), Acle Kahney (TesseracT), Luke Martin (Plini) and many more.

With a long list of first-hand experiences alongside so many musical greats, MAXI CURNOW‘s diverse background inspired him to embark on a raw and visceral dive into storytelling, focused on the process of recovery from traumatic events. Each honest, heavy, and heartfelt song draws upon his most formative experiences – including his work as a firefighter and the events he witnessed in the line of duty.

From 2014’s 25-minute odyssey ‘Stem’ (during which no single section is repeated), to the hard-hitting video for his 2015 single ‘If We Make It’, and 2016’s widely respected LP TransitionMAXI CURNOW‘s compositional, technical, emotional, and in-studio skills have combined to create an all-encompassing experience, a synergy between intelligent messages, precisely chosen tones, and impactful visuals.

Following the global online success of ‘Far Gone’, a collaboration with YouTube guitar guru Rabea Massaad (ToskaDorje), MAXI CURNOW has proven himself ready to emerge onto the global stage. ‘Tar & Honey’ finds him fully prepared to step once more into the spotlight as a solo artist, to find out what the future has in store.

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