WOLF AMONG US release experimental and heavy new single, “Burn Them All”

(…) Yes indeed! The flames extinguished their names … taking everything that you were most sacred, leaving only the rubble on the ground. But whoever chose to dominate by fear, saw his own calf become a plague. We all have blood on our hands, but now it’s too late to regret it. So rest the child and watch it all burn. ”

Burn Them All is the newest single from the stoner and metal duo Wolf Among Us, released by the Abraxas Records and illustrated by Fagner Villani. The single continues the new work “Lords of Cinder”, delving a little deeper into the theme of this conceptual work.  The new material of the band marks its new phase, which brings a song full of weight, intensity and harshness, and that shows all the grandeur of this duo that only has to grow with each release.

According to the band, Burn them All is yet another chapter lost in the plot of the new work. Following the same pattern – not as evident as the predecessor – the single brings reference to the Tarot, this time with the letter “The Judgment” (twentieth major arcana). As in one of the readings of this letter, music represents a metaphorical awakening of consciousness, however, in the case of music, in the form of anger, as an onslaught against an oppressive and authoritarian system. Moving from the “mystical” concept, the music addresses direct criticisms of the institutions that spread hatred in the name of a greater good, be it religious, political or simply ideological. The song was written in 2018, before the recent events of the anti-racism protests, but the fire at the Minneapolis police station can illustrate a parallel of the meaning of the music very well.

Burn them All was recorded at the Deaf Haus studio, in Sorocaba, Brazil, by sound engineer João Antunes, who also co-produced the work alongside Robin Ortiz.

Check out “Burn Them All“:

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