DIRA MORTIS sign to Selfmadegod Records

Selfmadegod Records proudly announce the signing of DIRA MORTIS from Poland.
The band is currently working on their upcoming album entitled „Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misantrophy”. Line-up is as follows: Leszek Makowiecki (guitar), Mścisław  (guitar, bass in the studio), Vizun (drums) and new singer Kuba Brewczynski (Straight Hate, ex-Parricide). The third full length is being recorded again in Roslyn Studios with producer Krzysztof Godycki with whom the quartet has recorded “Psalms Of The Morbid Existence” (2015). The new material will bring approx 40 minutes of obscure and morbid death metal influenced by classic bands such as AUTOPSY, ASPHYX, GRAVE. Artwork will be handled by Bartlomiej Kurzok responsible for revised version of “Euphoric Convulsions”.
„Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misantrophy” is set for late 2020 on Selfmadegod Records. Stay tuned for more news.
Dira Mortis is an old school death metal band influenced by Autopsy, Grave and Asphyx. The band came into existence in 1998 in Gorlice, Poland. Dira Mortis until now serves a powerful doze of dark and cemetery-stinking musical kick in the nuts. Until now the band has recorded two full albums and played gigs with bands such as Marduk, Immolation, Parricide, Deformed, Antigama, Hypnos, Patologicum, Terrordome and Chaos Synopsis.
Dira Mortis recorded and released under Defense Records and Let it Bleed such albums as “The Cult of the Dead” in 2011 and “Euphoric Convulsions” in 2012. In 2014 a compilation featuring the band’s early demos called “Rusty Razor Cuts” was also released. Last album “Psalms of Morbid Existence” from 2015 was highly appreciated in the music press and was promoted on many shows in Poland.

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